A Russian company wants to put giant billboards in low-earth orbit


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Russian startup StartRocket wants to fill the night sky with logos and brand names such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Coke, which, as you can see in the video below, is as bad as it sounds.

The idea is to use an array of programmable CubeSat satellites that can be arranged to display ads in a low-Earth orbit of 250 – 310 miles. Each one has a collapsible sail that can reflect the sun’s light, forming a single pixel of a display measuring 19 square miles. The company said the logos would only be visible for six minutes at a time, which is still unlikely to appease people.

There’s obviously a lot of obstacles facing StartRocket’s plans, including regulations regarding the satellites’ potential to interfere with aviation safety, as well as any advertising rules. Testing and funding might also be issues that prevent the ads being displayed by the planned 2021 date, and you can expect a lot of objections from citizens.

Assuming the concept becomes a reality, which is doubtful, StartRocket hasn't revelaed how much companies would have to pay for their logos to appear in space.

The idea to use microsatellites to illuminate part of the night sky isn’t totally new. A Japanese startup plans to use two of the devices to create artificial shooting stars on demand over the city of Hiroshima in early 2020.

Alexey Skorupsky, a member of the StartRocket team, said: “If you ask about advertising and entertainment in general — haters gonna hate.”

“We are developing a new medium. At the advent of television no one loved ads at all.”

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Would have thought an American company would have come up with this terrible idea. I would have hoped that space was off-limits.


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Maybe it will be a project like "Star Citizen", and they'll collect a ton of money, then manage to get one or two "pixels" in actual orbit, then constantly keep begging for a crap load of more money. :rolleyes:


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Advertising isn't in your sleep...YET! That will be their ultimate goal.
With Siri/Google/Alexia etc...won't be long til they start saying subliminal
message when you are asleep.

Lew Zealand

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I want to see them actually attempt this as it will definitely fail "in a beautiful ball of flames." Orbital mechanics and simple finances do not support this model of advertising where bang for the buck is key.

C'mon guys, just try it! The fail will be delicious!


You've all missed the intended use of this technology.

The Russian's can beam messages through the Whitehouse windows directly to Trump, the leader of the free world who takes his orders from his master Putin. Obvious really.

My doctor says I'm paranoid, but I'm convinced she's got the Russians watching me.


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Honestly? This is good enough reason to start nuclear war IMO. Global apocalypse is absolutely a better outcome than seeing product logos zip across the night sky. Just wipe us all out and let the planet try again.


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What a genious idea because there isn't already enough **** up there one collision away from turning the earth into a prison
I think it's clear we need a solution for space, along the lines of the very same nonsense, er T mean "principle", we fervently believe will save us here on earth......self driving satellites..! :poop: