A "STOP 0x0000008E" Error Message Occurs in Wdmaud.sys

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Jan 26, 2007
  1. A "STOP 0x0000008E" Error Message Occurs in Wdmaud.sys

    this is all the help microsoft could give me about the bsod code. it popped up this morning on my buddys core 2 duo system, and does it just minutes after logging in.i built this thing about 3 weeks ago. and after i was done fighting the bad intel drivers it worked flawlessly. its xp home sp2 (installed from sp1 disc) and its had at least 600 microsoft updates since it was put together. and all im told from this code is to update the system. what does Wdmaud.sys do anyway?
  2. onesmartidiot

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    uhmmmm, anybody????

    can i download the driver and paste it ontop of the old one, would that work?

    it really dosent matter, if this dosent fix it , i will nuke it and throw xp pro on it instad of home, and hope for better luck next time.
  3. Tmagic650

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  4. onesmartidiot

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    i just read this one website that said malware disguses itself as Wdmaud.sys.

    he does have lime wire on that machine...

    will the computer freeze and crash if i put a new one in there?

    should i cut and paste and replace the file

    or should i delete it then paste a new one?

    i just wanna know causer if it will crash ill bring my 250 and back up all his music.
  5. Tmagic650

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    I just repaired a system that had serious malware and virus issues, and the owner was using Limewire. I had to reformat and reinstall the OS... After cleaning and removing the malware and a particularly bad Trojan virus, the system ran so slow, that I had no choice but to format. The system has returned to clean and fast operation. The owner had let his protection software expire... I don't think Limewire is that bad, it just opens a computer up to be exposed to malware of all types, as some websites do. Go ahead and do a virus scan, and then copy and paste the new system file to the Windows System32 folder, over-writing the old file
  6. onesmartidiot

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    get this

    i dumped the system and dropped xp pro onto it. everything was loading fine until i loaded the ati drivers/ software. now its giving the 8e code again.

    im going to nuke it again and bring it back with xp video drivers (will those support dual monitors?

    or i could try the omega drivers, they are pretty decent, i just couldnt use them on my card cause the conflicted with somthing, dont remember what though.
  7. Now that you're getting that error from a different driver it makes me wonder if hardware, specifically memory or CPU might not be the problem... anything overlclocked? What about your system and CPU temperatures, how are they?
  8. onesmartidiot

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    tempertures are normal, i dont know what they are exactly, i havent installed the intel board monitoring stuff

    i just downloaded the omega drivers so maybie those will work better....

    cpu is running 2.13ghz both cores (E6400)

    memory is .98Gb at 800 mhz

    video card.... well, its showing a picture right now lol

    i stay as far away from overclocking as possible. ever since i almost blew up my brand new $250 athlon 64 3000+ moving it from 2 to 3ghz.

    ill update after i try out the new drivers
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