About to throw it out the window (video card)

By UltimoAviso
Feb 25, 2009
  1. ok so ive googled, yahood, asked jeeves then strangled him from my frustration. a also tried the nvidia forums but no avail (at least here people actually look at your problem).

    using a Nvidia Geforce GFX5200

    Im trying to set it up so i can watch movies from my computer on my tv. Id prefer rather than a multi-display, to have a cloned display. (cant happen either way yet). So while trying to get the full view on my tv (start bar and such), i can only get the upper left corner. so i wait it out and it reverts back to my monitor where i can see everything. I tried adjusting the resolution for my tvs settings but still the same area shows up. My tv is not a flat panel or hd, it is however a 52" (im guessing) sony projection tv im trying to run s-video from my pc into. Any ideas? or should i do as the title says


    i dunno wtf i did but i also managed to get a blue screen of doom when i restarted (with and without svideo plugged in) so atm im using onboard.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Can you provide a little more info on your complete system specs? Nvidias NVIEW software may be needed to properly configure this card for dual displays. 1024x768 is the maximum TV resolution
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