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Access Experts needed

By raebabe
Dec 16, 2004
  1. We have a Sqadron Access Database that is basically for accountability in all our shops but we've been having issues with it.

    What happened in this situation was I had to reload a machine but when I went to load the database and direct it to the file path where the actual database is kept on our server it gives me the wonderful error that everyone loves, "Microsoft Access has encounterd a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience...." Then you close and it prepares to install Office XP. Then it looks like it's going to work because it looks like it's letting you choose the path to open the database from (only I noticed later that it really said "Backup Database As" at the top) but when you choose the correct database it tells you this: "'Z:\Munitons Control 2000 Application Version 4.0\MC2K-Application40.mdb' already exists. Microsoft Access must create a backup of your file before performing the repair operation. Enter a name for the backup operation." Now obviously that is because I'm trying to open a database and the program is trying to backup a database but you can't even create a backup because I tried that the first time this happened. It just gives you another error.

    This has been happening on machines all over the Squadron for the past week but reloading it once (or twice) has always hit the spot.

    Not only have I reloaded the program 4 times and am still getting the same error but I just had to reload Office 3 times to get it to work in the first place. Now Office is fine and it opens other Access databases just fine. Like I said this has happened more than once and I can access the database perfectly fine from my own machine so I know that is not corrupt.

    If anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks ;0)

    ...This isn't the only problem I'm having with this machine so the next Thread will be from me as well...;oP
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