Activision is finally releasing 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered' as a standalone...

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Activision and Infinity Ward did Call of Duty fans a solid by releasing a remastered version of Modern Warfare, arguably one of the best games in the franchise, last year. The problem – and it was a big one – is that they only bundled it with premium editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

This angered many (understandably so) and likely facilitated a decline in sales. Now, nearly seven months later, Activision is remedying the situation.

On June 27, the company will launch a standalone version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for the PlayStation 4 at retail and online via the PlayStation Store priced at $39.99 (that seems a bit steep but maybe the Steam Summer Sale has me jaded?).

Activision says the game will be released on “other platforms” at some point but doesn’t mention a specific date – sorry, Xbox One and PC gamers. DLC is typically released on non-exclusive platforms about a month after first launch so maybe we’ll see the remaster hit the PC and Xbox One near the end of July.

Modern Warfare Remastered features the full campaign from the original 2007 release albeit with improved audio and visuals. The standalone game will also include the single-player campaign, we’re told, in addition to more than a dozen multiplayer maps.

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Great, now that we don't really care, or have already purchased the new one that included it....
Lol. That's always been their plan buddy. "Include" it the last COD game so people will pick it up for nostalgia then release it as a stand alone to get everyone else who wants just MW.
the hype for MWR died months ago, not assisted by their additions to the game and the DLC plan
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Jeff Schmidt

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$40 is way over priced. This is exactly what they did when they re-released Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2. But those were just ports and they wanted $60 for both of them. And nobody bought them until the price dropped by a lot.

Even if they charged $30 for this I would still pass. Maybe at $20 I would get it but by then other/better/newer games will be out.


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Did they strip out the hosted server and server browser from the game? Is the multiplayer via the garbage match making only? I'd avoid it if that's the case. Activation can't stand the fact that MW is so popular, and that's mostly due to the open nature of the server setup.


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Too expensive but the right move. $40 for a remaster when I can go buy that Legacy Edition for the same price is silly. Well done Activision: you've managed to do the right thing and the wrong thing simultaneously!


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40 bucks for a 30 year old game??? It wasn't a bad game but if you pay more than $4 for it today, you're bonkers.

Maybe a little less than 30 years lol......but I'm with you. It should be a set at a classic game price $5-10 buckeroos. They can't argue that they need to make money lol. As far as people not wanting to get the bundled game....infinitt warfare wasn't too horrible. Multiplayer blows but the campaign was done witrh futuristic Cod though. Trhe remastered game is trhe o my reason I got the legacy pro edition.....that and I like steel cases hahaha.

But if any one is upset about them by bundling MWR and then picking up the standalone for $40....they should jus pay the extra 15 or 20 and get 2 games for one lol.
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As much of a rip-off that is, I still wanna play this. I really loved this game. I stopped playing COD after WoW due to no more innovation. But this is one of my favorite FPS games of all time and definitely my favorite COD. I'd love to have a remastered version. But I won't pay $40 for it.


TS Evangelist
I'd like to play it again too on PC but I'm not paying full price for it. The danger is that, by the time it drops to a price that PC players will grab it, will there be enough online to play with?


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The remastered MW has had performance issues since day one. It's been barely supported. I hope to god no one sees it but PS4. $40 is way overpriced. It's not worth it. Also the graphics haven't changed all that much. Overall it's a bad remaster. Not many even care that it's coming out. People wanted it 6 months ago not now.

Their DLC 5 maps that's related to remastered Zombie maps is full of bugs, frame drops and crashes. Treyarch have already said they are investigating the issues. This just goes to show you that they don't bother testing. Some of the issues that are there have been in some of these maps since BO1/BO2. They just copy n pasted the maps and added some lighting. It's a mess right now.