Ad-aware, spybot, spyblaster, spyware doctor?

By Ludwig
Sep 22, 2005
  1. Ad-aware, Spybot S&S, Spyblaster, Spyware Doctor are all programs I see most often.. From forums websites and download sites.. I've tried Ad-aware but I hate it cause of 3 times trying it (I do mean uninstalling it and months later trying it again) every time that I have it installed I get problems like programs and games don't work.. I like to use spybot S&D, Spyblaster, Spyware Doctor (the fee part of spywares).. But I have no idea of how well any of them works.. I have them 3 installed now.. Could I get more protected then those or more programs?

    I have Norton anti viruse 2004, is the 2005 better? and if not then why not?
    Then a friend who I guess knows some hackers and believes them and then tells me that they said that norton sucks and easy to hack into.. Mcafee (however it's spelt) is way better..

    I just did a scan with all 4 programs.. Norton I get no viruses, Spybot I got no spyware, spyblaster is immuized, but Spyware doctor says that I have 3 medium risk..All updated and immunized files..

    Is there another kind of viruse, spyware, adware, I could try or add? Or even another kind of file like those I don't want on my computer?
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    One programme I`d deffinitely recommend is Ewido.

    Take a look at this post HERE for instructions on where to get it, and how to use it.

    Regards Howard :grinthumb
  3. jobeard

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    good choices.
    if it isn't broken, don't fix it! NAV 2005 can be a pain to install/reinstall (see other posts).
    If yours is working, just keep the subscription active and you'll be fine.
    Norton gets some flames, even some from me, but I still use it!
    RISK is very different than infections. As an example, Several tools
    classify COOKIES and usage tracks as risks. They are, under certain circumstances.
    If you never have those circumstances, then the risk goes to nil. Any risk
    needs to be evaluated and then to determine the action plan to it. This can
    be difficult for those with less experience. There seems to be two common
    approaches to Systems Administration:
    1) react to everything and perform all updates a.s.a.p
    2) read/evaluate and update only when necessary, severe risk is identified, or it
    addresses things I do regularly.
    The corporate world drowns when attempting (1) due to the shear number of
    systems to be undated - - much like the Golden Gate bridge; as soon as the
    painters reach the far end, they need to start again on the other side.
    At some point, this becomes deminished returns for heavy redundancy.
    you can keep installing and scanning to the point that little else is being done.

    First, make sure you have A FIREWALL and it is enabled. Learn to configure it.
    It will do more to give protection than anything else.

    If reasonable, use a router. This will enable NAT(Network Address Translation)
    which is another defense.

    The Spywareblaster is also a proactive tool to avoid bad ActiveX components;
    IMO a must-have :)

    The AV products are reactive tools; you need them when things go wrong and
    they can diagnose and repair many bugs. I found great redundancy in several
    tools and have gravitated to,
    Spybot S&D,
    Spywareblaster from
    These are my favorites and seem to keep my systems clean.
    Your favorites/choices may be quite different.

    Back to Norton; I LOVE the Win Doctor feature of Norton Utilities.
    It understands the relationship of the Registry to the HD files and can
    find + fix many system issues. Wouldn't be without it.
  4. Jenni3587

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    Norton, does suck. I just removed it from my system. If your interested in removing it, let me know and maybe i can help. The program that i installed instead which was referred by the big guys on this site is called AVG. it seems to make my computer run a lot smoother.

    Other things you should probably install that i have recently gotten because i had to clean my computer out of a lot of crap:

    -crapcleaner (ccleaner)
    -microsoft beta (only for windows xp, i think, make sure)
    -HighJackThis (when and if you run this program, DO NOT delete anything without posting on this site first, have someone with more experience take a look at it and they will tell you what is safe to "fix" and what you should leave. The two guys that usually check mine are Realblackstuff and Vigilante.)

    Good luck!
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