Ad blockers will cost publishers $27 billion by 2020 as technology makes its way to mobile devices


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@Julio Franco

1) Do you whitelist any websites or simply block everything everywhere?

Depending if I am force to unblock it which is not the nicest way of doing things. However, if the ads are non-intrusive and from a reputable ad-vendor than by all means.

2) Many of you talk about intrusive and potentially hazardous ads. Did you ever see that on TechSpot?

Never had the chance, I usually forget to turn my AdBlocker off. Maybe have something in the fooder/header which states "pls turn off adblocker and support us" message? I turned my one off for Techspot and it seems the layout is fine, so I will keep it this way.

3) Would you whitelist TechSpot or other sites if we adhere to a code of 'acceptable' ads?
FYI, already we don't do most of the ugly stuff (pops, interstitials, welcome ads, etc.), if you're logged in you see even less ads, mostly banners.

Turned it off, seems fine, I will keep it off.

4) 95% of TechSpot funding comes from advertising, evidently ad blocking hurts us. But if you don't want to see ads, would you ever consider a subscription (~$3/mo) acceptable to remove all ads and get additional perks? What kind of perks would be attractive, or conversely nothing would it passable to you?

Problem is, there are so many sites out there and so many subscription fees that I pay that eventually it all ads up, £1.99 here, £2.99 there etc... and boom £50-£100/month for sub fees.

Could potentially add either 1 more ad area or add another add into the current space into a loop. These ads would be provided by Techspot users/others who want a private spot. I am not sure how much this would cost (traffic Techspot gets and all that)

We did this on our Social Networking site for Musicians/Artists (long story, no longer running that Website due to politics). But yes it worked out great for us. While Muzu/AdSense covered 10% of the expensive Rackspace bill, it just wasn't it. This might have worked for us and similar sites (Facebook does this) it won't suit everyone.

Maybe ad some forum perks? Think of other ways to monetize the site without impacting user experience. Microtransactions for Website features if you will.


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I've been using Opera's built in ad block and it really makes a great difference. I have some sites on my white list, techspot for example, but most sites are block


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@Julio Franco

1) I white-list sites I like, and at home Techspot is one of them. At work I keep everything blocked except for Spiceworks and a few other work related sites.
2) I've never had any issues but I am a seasoned vet @ 32 years of age, I know whats what on a webpage.
3) Banners are the only thing I look at, I have reprogrammed my brain to filter anything that pops up or is invasive. In fact I will never consider a product from an advertiser trying to shove it in my face. Ever.
4) The problem now is that ads have gotten so ridiculous and invasive, people don't trust sites anymore without ad blocker, even sites like Techspot that go out of their way to make them easier on viewers. It's hard to bargain a price when users can block ads for free.