Adata's concept gaming mouse packs a 1TB SSD to store games

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In brief: Adata’s Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) brand is planning to attend the Consumer Electronics Show for the first time in two years, and they’ll be bringing a handful of interesting products to showcase including a concept mouse that aims to put a sizable library of games in the palm of your hand.

The XPG Vault is a wired USB-C gaming mouse that integrates up to 1TB of solid-state memory onboard. Mice with integrated storage aren’t new, but the vast majority only have enough space for a handful of custom profiles or macros. Others have also existed with the capacity to replace a standalone USB flash drive, but transfer speeds are often a hindrance. The storage inside the XPG Vault is clocked at 985MB/sec, we’re told.

Adata was unfortunately short on details regarding the XPG Vault in its announcement, so we don’t anything about the optical sensor or the SSD. Odds are, however, that the storage is made by Adata considering they specialize in memory and storage products.

Speaking of, Adata also has a couple of exciting prototype PCIe Gen5 products in the pipeline for CES including Project Nighthawk and Project Blackbird.

CES is scheduled for January 5 through January 8, 2022, in Las Vegas, with January 3 and January 4 designed as press-only days. Several major tech players have already pulled out of the in-person component due to rising concerns over the pandemic including Microsoft, Intel, Google, Lenovo Twitter, among others.

As of this writing, the in-person element is still happening without them, but don't be surprised if things change in the coming days.

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- Software, perf and feel as a gaming mouse has to be there
- SATA 3 speeds minimum
- Must be M.2 in case something happens to the mouse so you can still use it in a PC

There is no other way to do it imo.


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Interesting! You have your mouse plugged in all the time anyway (on a desktop), and this is a lot more convenient for additional storage than having a USB stick jutting out the system, or an external hard drive hanging up on top of it somewhere.


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Imagine, an OS in a mouse. If you can have an USB RF dongle with quick enough speeds to the mouse and WIFI capability also built in, you can carry this anywhere. All you need is a HD TV. Better yet, a HDMI package. Computing on the go. Extra storage really isn't that much of a problem.