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By Drake1012
Nov 25, 2005
  1. Ok, say you have your sound card or Resoluton stuffed up coz u rebooted comp, all memory has been wiped out, you've lost your manufacterors CD, u need HELP!!! Follow this for alot of Add Hardware Problems:

    1. Go control panel, Use classic view... Go to Add Hardware... Say you have alredy connected the hardware. Now you see sont things, at the top, there are icons with question marks next to them.. rite, you should know what type of a problem it is, double click it..

    2. when it says what do u want the wizard to do?... click on Install the hardware manually from a list...

    3. find the device, if u cant find it, double click on show all devices and find your device.. click next..

    4. find your Company, click on the driver that specifies what u need to install, for me it would be Full screen Video for console by the Microsoft Corporation... It might say something bout compatibility ****.. dont worry, click yes

    5. next, next until u click finish restart your computer... Enjoy!

    Could someone sticky this.. PLZ
    REPLY REPLY REPLY PLZZZZZZ PLXZZZ thanks... remb... i'm hyper and 12
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    Far Out... This Is Double Posting But I Have A Small Paitence>>>>>> Cmon Replies... Feed Bak!!!!! I Need Dem!!!
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