After reinstalling Windows 2000

By asdfasdfasdf
Aug 19, 2008
  1. I use Windows 2000, and I have recently reinstalled my computer. Most of the files on my drive have been untouched and are untouched; however, there were these important files I should have make backups for. I only made a clean reinstall on my C Drive. For some unknown reason, several of my most important files disappeared as well as my games, and these were located in my other drive. I would then have many files with the extension .CHK with over 2000 of them! =O Also, I have several folders that can not be accessed anymore, but I do not know why. I have recovered a few files of these .CHK extensions with several programs, but unfortunately, I am having a rough time trying to recover the most important files which are my pics! At the moment, I am unable to recover them. I honestly do not care for the games and videos that have been lost except for the pics. I really need help, and these pics really mean a whole world to me. Please, I need help!
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