AGP-4X in a AGP-2X slot ?

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Mar 4, 2002
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    NO! Please do not buy a new motherboard for a 9200se. The card is slow as it is and motherboards with 8X AGP slots rarely improve video card speeds to the point you would notice in a game with that slow card. The only advantage you could get from a motherboard with a 8X video slot would be the boards newer chip-set which would allow the use of faster memory and drives (assuming you have the right processor) but only if you bought new memory and drives and had decided to over-clock your processor. What processor do you have and what socket is it?

    *EDIT* I looked at your profile, and I see that you have a 2800+ and all a new motherboard could guarantee you would be slightly faster video card, faster memory, (if you bought new memory or wanted to really overclock the old memory) more that 2 channel sound if you bought the right board and over-clocking your old processor to close to 400MHz memory speed if you bought a very good after market heat-sink and fan and memory. You can find old socket A motherboards with sata drive ports so you could get faster drives if you bought them and you could operrate a RAID array if you were really dedicated to your old procesor. /*EDIT* Big bucks = little gain in this case.
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