AGP replacement video card for Gateway FMC-901X

By TFLeonard
Jan 3, 2009
  1. The ATI 9800 pro video card in my Gateway FMC901X media center is displaying sporadic digital artifacts even at the initial Gateway splash screen (bootup), As best as I can determine this means some video card component is failing. Is there a modern replacement card that I can put in without having replace the whole computer? The mandatory requirements are:

    Component HDTV (1080i) output
    works with 250w power supply
    at least as fast as the ATI 9800 pro

    here are my computer specs

    1. Motherboard - 901x motherboard with onboard ethernet 1 AGP, 3 PCI
    2. Graphic interface - ATI 9800 pro, Hauppauge TV Tuner
    3. Memory - 512mb
    4. CPU - Pentium 4 pro w/hyperthreading
    5. CPU Speed - ?
    6. Power Supply Make/Model - 250 watt
    7. Watt output/Amperage - ?
    8 2 IDE HD's
    9. wireless networking card
    10. IDE Dvd-Ram drive
    11. card reader
    12 Running Vista premium
  2. Gorby

    Gorby TS Rookie


    Did you ever find the replacement? I am in exactly same boat. My 901x hasn't been used for about 6 months since I moved to a new place and I am trying to resurrect it and I am getting all kinds of video atrifacts. Tried clean install and updated drivers same thing, I can boot up but after about 1 minute or screen either goes black or I gets all kind of lines and squares. I tried a new heat sink with the same effect, so looking for a new card.

    Please let me know if you found a good replacement. I love the case of 901x and it is still going strong so don't want to upgrade to anything else at the moment.

  3. redk

    redk TS Rookie Posts: 91

    ... component HDTV output?
    I don't think I've seen anything other than DVI and HDMI HDTV output.
  4. Gorby

    Gorby TS Rookie

    Actually, there is an ATI video dongle that plugs into DVI port and provides componets out if TV does not accept (or has issues) with DVI out.
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