Ahhh what was this movie called

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Jul 3, 2008
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  1. hey guys,

    I was watching AMC and they had this 2 minute commercial where they showed clips of classic movies. Well on one of the clips they had this guy and it looked like he was riding on a rocket from the sky down to earth. It looked like it could be entertaining, just wondering if anyone has any idea of what that movie was called. :D
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    I'll 2nd that opinion. Great movie
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    "Slim Pickens" was the actor who rode it in. I misread "on" for "in" the rocket, or I would've came up with that the the first 2 times I read your post.

    George C. Scott played a wacky general in this movie. He later went on to win an Academy Award as "Best Actor" for his portrayal of General George Patton, in "Patton", (1970)

    I think this was Stanley Kubrick's first big "hit". "Clockwork Orange" if you haven't seen it, is not to be missed either.
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    To truly appreciate Dr. Strangelove, you have to visualize the general political climate at the time: the Cold War was right up front (Cuban missile crisis etc.), people were digging bomb shelters, students were taught to duck under their desks when they saw the flash of the bomb, etc., etc. It was a scary comedy that struck a deep chord with many.

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