All proud AMD XP user pls come in!

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Mar 5, 2002
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  2. boeingfixer

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    AMD Proud

    Hey Gang,

    Ahh a lounge just for us AMD owners. :)

    Current system consist of the following

    AMD Athlon 1600+
    Giga-Byte GA-7DXR
    256Mb Micron DDR 2100
    Thermaltake Volcano 5 w/Arctic Silver II
    ATI Radeon 64 meg
    ATI TV Wonder
    Hercules Game Theater XP
    10/100 Eithernet card
    Maxtor Diamond Max 40 Gig 7200rpm HD
    2 IBM Deskstar 40 gig 7200rpm HD's running in RAID 0
    Samsung 16x10x32 CD-RW
    Acer 56x CD-ROM
    SuperMicro 750A Full tower case with tons of fans
    19" Samsung SyncMaster 950p monitor
    Windows XP Pro

    Well thats the big stuff anyway

    Take care all

  3. henrychieng

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    Re: AMD Proud

    My humble rig is as follows:

    MSI KT266 Pro RU couple with DDR 256MB of Crucial ram and Power up by infamous AMD MP1600 (unlocked). Others are Quantum AS40G, Geforce 2Ti and HEC300W Dual fans with Sony products of 16XCDRW, 48XCDROM, Floppy that works flawlessly with WIN XP Pro on my nice flat LG795FT. Currently running dual monitor plug in my plain old Diamond stealth PCI and boot up with Philip 107s!

    Btw, i have 2nd and 3 rd sys all power by AMD! A real Amd loyal supporter man!

    2nd pc is 1G Duron Morgan and 3rd is Durong 700Mhz! Basically 3rd pc is a test bed! Cheers!
  4. boeingfixer

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    Those sound like great rig's. I have been massing spare parts to put another rig together too. So far I have the following.

    Antec mid tower case
    800 t-bird
    Pilips Accoustic Edge sound card
    cooler master HSF
    GF 2 MX

    Soon to be getting an MSI board to replace a spare here that is fried.
  5. henrychieng

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    Thx man! Acutally i have 2 rigs and 1 spare test bed for (just incase prupose)

    my 2nd pc is Duron 700 OC to 900 on abitk7t (KT133), but it's doing a great job just for surfing and listen to music! Right!

    As for my 3rd rig they are no casing everything's are lying around for testing purpose! It's Asus A7v133c (KT133A Support XP) with my Duron morgan 1G! Hardly use it as it is just my spare! Incase anything wrong with my current main sys! The reason is b'coz my 2nd pc is connected to my main sys for internet connect sharing purpose! No money to get router! haha!

    So u can see i'm truly an amd loyal supporter! :D

    P.s: i think i have used almost all amd processor since they days it launched amd486! Cheers!
  6. boeingfixer

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    Mine too Henry, I had a 486DX 4 100 that was an AMD, and besides the stint I had with an Intel pentium 120 and 200, all my CPU's since have been AMD's. I have had K6-2's, K-63's, Athlon vintage slot a, Athlon classic socket a, Athlon T-bird's and now Athlon XP. I guess I will be adding Hammer to the list in the future too.
  7. henrychieng

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    Wow, both of us a really loyal supporter of amd, haha! Btw., my 1st pc is actually 486dx2 66mhz anf then P100 (still got that mtb and chip too)! haha!! Cheers!
  8. boeingfixer

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    Hey again henry, I will prolly be upgrading my 1600+ this week with an 18 or 1900+ if all goes well, will let you know !!
  9. henrychieng

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    Mine is XP1600 push it to XP2000 by changing the multiplier to 12.5. Can post my Wcpuid here too.

    I think u should stick with ur Xp1600 and OC the chip! As i think XP1600 is the most value / perf chips.
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