Alleged Intel Core i9-12900K and DDR5 combo beats AMD's Threadripper in Cinebench


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Like I said before, how much of Alder Lake's performance comes from the advancement of the CPU itself and how much from the extra performance given by Win11+DDR5?

Put this Alder Lake CPU on Win10+DDR4 vs Zen3 and see how it's score drops, but it will be interesting by how much? 10%? More?

Anyway, it will be a short lived victory, Zen3+ comes 1-2 months after. AMD does not need Zen4 to beat Alder Lake.


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Admiral Yamamoto, after attacking Pearl Harbor, was reported to have said, "I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant". Who know's, that could be what's happening here.
Maybe, but I doubt it. When you're using a "benchmark" that is specifically tailored to be optimised for your specific product you will always appear stronger than you actually are. Schedulers tend to be biased toward using the same SMT core as the physical core being used for a task so it's very possible that AOTS is forcing the 5950X to use six physical cores and six SMT cores while the 19200K was using 16 physical cores and only 8 SMT cores because that's all it has. Even if the 5950X isn't being forced to use 12 SMT cores, it's most likely using more SMT cores than the 19200K is. That alone could explain the difference in scores.