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By Ashhot86
Mar 26, 2008
  1. I have a USB smartdrive from U3 and I was wondering how to make it turn back on automatically?!

    Cause the first few times I used it, the autostart annoyed me, so I googled a why to change it and every1 said that by holding shift when it was inserted it would stop it from autostarting. Lol, but now I want to disable that so I can have it autostart on 1 of my pcs cause its annoying to go into my computer and click the icon to have it startup.

    Any1 know a fix to this?
  2. Ashhot86

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    Hmm, no1 seems to know?! There gotta be a way to turn back on the autostart feature, if you can disable it by holding shift while inserting the usb. Is there some registry key that needs to be modified or some other hold of a button to enable the autostart of the usb drive?

    Cause I know on my laptop it will autostart but on my desktop it doesnt cause I held shift
  3. LookinAround

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    Are you talking about a small pop-up that searches for content on the device and asks you which application it should use to handle what it finds? That's Windows Autoplay feature.

    Here's an easy way to control it using a user interface "tweak" tool called..... TweakUI but there's a different versions depending on your system. If you're running Windows XP go to the Microsoft Power Tools for XP site to find your version. (if you're running something else you should be able to just google it to find the version you need)

    There will be some variation in exactly what you see between different versions but on the Windows XP version click on My Computer to expand it then click on Autoplay. You'll see all the settings you can then choose as you want.
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