Amazon has been sending fake Ryzen CPUs to buyers


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I have experienced it first hand .... and if you return one too many things, they cancel your account and make you re-register ...
Hmm.. funny that, one the one hand, this article is about victims of others who exploit Amazon's return policy, and here you are, complaining how horrible Amazon is for cancelling accounts for making too many returns.

We seem to forget that Amazon is BIG. It must be a logistic nightmare, and mistakes will happen. sometimes the way they handle a situation may step on someones feet, and if they alienate 2% of their customer base with a harsh refund policy, or by missing a bunch of counterfit goods, that amounts to thousands of people.

Don't get me wrong, they DO make mistakes, but replacing the item AND offering a credit? I would be more than happy with that.

from wiyosaya: Amazon, Bezos in particular, has $$$ coming out every orifice and can certainly afford to hire a crew to properly check returns. Yet Amazon does not and it is costing them in terms of reputation.

Citation needed. can you confirm that Amazon does not actually have a return check department? There is a difference between not having one, and having one, but missing the occasional scam.


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Which is why they shipped overnight replacements and even gave the victims gift cards, that totally sounds like ignoring complaints and denying problems. Did you even read the article?

I have experienced it first hand .... and if you return one too many things, they cancel your account and make you re-register ...
That's not true at all. Piling on is almost as bad as the other acts mentioned here. Amazon has an excellent customer service dept compared to most other companies these days. Try to call Google and complain about anything... I have returned tons of things to Amazon, and they have always taken them back, and issued me a refund. They are very good about this, and only rarely is it a problem to have to work through.


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I made the mistake of joining one of Newegg's Flash promotionals once. I bought something that didn't work and they would not honor it, stating that they were simply reselling for someone else and that I would have to go to that party. That party did not honor a replacement either. It was at that point I decided that if I couldn't get something straight from Newegg, that I wouldn't buy it. I was not happy with Newegg either, but I have little choice for some deals on the web. It's "customer service" like this that I find frustrating.


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"history teaches us that history teaches us nothing"

This same crap happened lots of times when iphones were selling like hotcakes....but the buyers were receiving bricks instead of the phones they ordered & paid for.....

Come to find out the scammers bought the phones, kept them and placed the bricks into the phone box & returned them for refunds...

And IIRC, Amazon almost got sued over this, but they just dumped a bunch of $$ into replacing the bricks with real phones and quietly swept the whole thing under a huge rug somewhere...

Seems like a pretty lame, sloppy, careless case of not even checking returned items before putting them back into inventory....