Amazon is photographing deliveries to show where they've been left

By midian182 · 36 replies
Mar 2, 2018
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  1. LordFox

    LordFox TS Rookie

    Like you said they leave it at the door ... problem is they all too often leave it at the wrong door .... I.e. the wrong address and then you have to fight because the company trusts the ***** and says it was delivered so .... no refund , no product .... why are you upset ... etc.. STUPID AND BROKEN
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  2. Catweazle

    Catweazle TS Enthusiast Posts: 48   +36

    Then he gets caught on the security camera he didn't know was watching him and goes to prison. A driver would have to be pretty stupid to try that I think. Risking his job, freedom, and entire future for what turned out to be a box of honey roasted peanuts.
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  3. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 3,996   +2,387

    Always bet on stupidity.
  4. roberthi

    roberthi TS Addict Posts: 326   +83

    My porch is private property.
  5. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,789   +3,204

    You need to unroll that $50.00 bill, and put it back in your wallet. That Peruvian marching powder will make you paranoid as all hell! :eek:
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  6. roberthi

    roberthi TS Addict Posts: 326   +83

    What they're doing is illegal. They're only supposed to be able to snap a shot from what is viewable from the street or a public place. Not right at your house.
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  7. Mirek

    Mirek TS Rookie

    This is so lame! After taking the snapshot the courier can simply take back the goods and blame the nonexistent "thieves". This "system" novelty must be liked by retarded customers only.
  8. Tanstar

    Tanstar TS Evangelist Posts: 656   +200

    I understand you are trying to be thoughtful, but I've chewed out sellers for this before, as I work 5 days a week and an hour away from my home, so those packages become unobtainable for me. I've also never had anything stolen, though they have been drug into the yard by my dog, left by the side door in the rain (when my front porch is covered) and left across the road at the neighbors house. I would like this service, but 90% of my Amazon packages are delivered by USPS with the remaining 10% split between FedEx and UPS
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  9. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,789   +3,204

    @Tanstar Dear sir, please make some sort of effort to fix you post above, (#33), so that we can see what you have to say, and respond to it, if we should so choose. As it stands now, it can't be quoted. This is what you get if you try "
    " (And I had to put the spacing periods in it, or you wouldn't see it at all).

    You've probably left a tailing "{quote}" after your entire text, dropped a bracket off the accreditation header, or failed to put a "{quote}" after one of the posts you've repeated.

    Thanks in advance.
  10. lostinlodos

    lostinlodos TS Booster Posts: 138   +22

    Lol. I just ignored it till you said something.
  11. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,789   +3,204

  12. Tanstar

    Tanstar TS Evangelist Posts: 656   +200

    Yeah, I was trying to not quote the entirety of the post nor the post above it and didn't delete everything needed. Thanks!

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