Amazon is replacing order packers with machines that are five times more efficient


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Someday I'm going to open a fake TS account as "Private Happy", who is an oafish but friendly imbecile, congenial, but completely out of touch with reality. Then, I'll freely be able to talk out my a**, making posts which have no basis in fact whatsoever...

But for now, I'll post as myself about student debt: This from "the Economist":

The Economist reported in June 2014 that U.S. student loan debt exceeded $1.2 trillion with over 7 million debtors in default. In 2014, there was approximately $1.3 trillion of outstanding student loan debt in the U.S. that affected 44 million borrowers who had an average outstanding loanbalance of $37,172.

More directly to the issue of "almost free schooling":

Community College of Philadelphia seeks to make a college education accessible for all students by offering affordable tuition rates. These tuition rates vary based on residency: Philadelphia residents pay $159 per credit hour. Other Pennsylvanians pay $318 per credit hour plus a $10 nonresident capital fee per credit.

Community Colleges are more or less "13th & 14th grade".

But, I guess in some way you're correct, you can always default on your student loans

Delving further along with (y)our reality check:

The average cost per credit hour is $594. After calculating the average cost per credit hour forcolleges across every sector (including private and public, for-profit and not-for-profit, and two- and four-year colleges), the typical cost of a college creditcomes out to $594.46.Jan 24, 2018

And of course, the obligatory link to my source:
Because most people going to college dont actually get assistance. They make too much money. I agree school is way overpriced. Im just saying if you work at McDonald's they help pay for School plus making under 30k you get a ton of school assistance


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McDonald's actually has good wages and benefits, you do what you have to to take care of your family and pay your bills. Education is not free, education in the US is some of the most expensive in the world. Infact, student debt is one of the biggest boons on the US economy. People are in an entire houses worth of debt before their life has even started. On top of that, the job market is so saturated with college degrees that it is bring wages down. The wages of tradesman is going up because everyone has a college degree they can't pay for.

If the people working for you are living in poverty then you don't deserve to own a business. All work is honest work and anyone who puts in their 40 hours should be able to love a full, happy life. Now we live in a society where two parents, each working two jobs, can barely feed their kids properly. And who do we blame? Not the guy getting rich off of making his employees poor, we blame the people working 40,50,60 hours a week.

And what choice do we have? Go from one slum employer to another? I'm lucky I work for who I do, it took me over a decade to find a good company in my field.
Again its the worker still making poor decisions. There are a million trade jobs paying well that noone "wants" to Work. Its to hard of work... Thats where I disagree with every 40 hour worker deserves anything. We all can live without fast food. There are other professions that are unfortunately mire important. If you don't agree then move to a socialist country.
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You are right, poor unskilled workers should just take below a living wage, work themselves to death, and then die to decrease the surplus population /s.

America in a nutshell.

"Schooling is practically free"? In what America have you been living in? The education debt bubble is literally one of the biggest issues the country has.

Moving up the class ladder is essentially dead in the US. The system makes it overwhelmingly hard. The middle class pay a vast majority of the taxes.

Communism and Capitalism can't coexist. Socialism and Capitalism on the otherhand can and do.
Agreed, but eventually the machines and AI will replace everyone's jobs, including growing and picking our food, when that happens where are people going to go to work or find a job, in a world of currently 8 Billion people, how can we have a job for everyone? Not possible. When humans no longer have to work to be able to eat and have shelter money will become pointless surely.

Darth Shiv

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Now the articles about Amazon abusing employees will be replaced with articles about how Amazon throws employees away.
IMO, it is more likely that they will be replaced with articles about how crApazon is abusing machines. ;)
This is just the beginning.

We're heading into a realm where a number of people won't be needed, at least from a business perspective.

How is society going to address this?
Its simple. No one will be able to afford anything and society will collapse.
The wealthy will need to subsidise a living wage.


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Keep fighting for a larger minimum wage for unskilled workers...It makes it economically feasible to replace them with robots and automated systems.
And when all jobs have been replaced no one will have money to spend.

However, I strongly support the idea that if a person cannot support themselves on the wages provided by their employer they shouldn't be doing that job. Further, if some of making billions off of people who can't pay their rent, well, give them a raise or replace them with automation.

It is unamerican to shame someone into saying it's their fault they get poverty wages. No one who works 40+hours a week should live in poverty
Ur opinion is unamerican.. We all have had choices in life that bring us to where we are. Schooling is practically free if you donttmake enough money so being uneducated is not a good excuse. Being an American means doing what you can to move up and better yourself. Staying at McDonald's for 20 years isnt the American dream for a reason.
Do you live on this planet??

Have you heard of something called "STUDENT LOANS:"??? If yes, have you asked yourself what that is??
If not, then you should descend from your lofty "American" cloud and look around.

PS: Most likely, your cloud is made in China with even lower poverty wages.


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List the reasons why your job will not be done by a robot.

Me: I install self checkout machines at grocery stores. I'm literally installing the things taking the jobs. I think I'm safe until they create a self installing self checkout. Til then I'm good I think.
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Agreed, but eventually the machines and AI will replace everyone's jobs, including growing and picking our food, when that happens where are people going to go to work or find a job, in a world of currently 8 Billion people, how can we have a job for everyone? Not possible. When humans no longer have to work to be able to eat and have shelter money will become pointless surely.
Typically in the past what has happened is that jobs became more specialized, not only creating a need for more jobs but one's that require more expertise in a specific field. When farming first came around and people no longer had to get food for themselves it opened the door for artisans, traders, and societies to form. The same thing happened during the industrial revolution, where you had a loss of hand assembly requirement and automation that gave way to even more specialized jobs.

Humans have a habit of making work.


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Walmart has big plans for robots and automation. They've set up governmental task forces to advise local and state governments on how to retrain workers when they're inevitably replaced by robots and automation. I get your sentiment, that "work" will change as times change, but that's idealistic. Walmart is the biggest employer in many states. How do you reckon Walmart employees will adapt to these changes?

Next consider all of the driving jobs out there. Driving related jobs employ huge amounts of people. Gone.

Driving jobs and Walmart alone will produce millions of job losses in the next 10 years. I think you're being a bit too romantic if you think these people will just pick up some new specialized skillset. I think we're screwed.


A good way to help workers displaced by robotics would be for purchasers of these machines to require the robot manufacturers to make a certain percentage of the training for servicing these robots. Free to anyone who wants to try to learn it. A way to help people for big companies that buy and sell robotics for manufacturing and shipping.

What I wonder is if when robots become ubiquitous and cheap to buy. Will there be a lot manual labor jobs in the manufacturing of them or will robots be making robots? It would be so cool to work in a robot factory on the robot assembly line!
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