AMD announces Fusion chipsets with USB 3.0 support

By Matthew
Apr 13, 2011
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  1. Although plenty of USB 3.0 devices have launched since the specification was finalized in late 2008, Intel and AMD have been slow to deliver embedded support. To date, neither chipmaker provides native USB 3.0 support, forcing motherboard manufacturers to purchase third-party controllers.

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  2. pmshah

    pmshah TS Enthusiast Posts: 97

    Isn't this jumping the gun ? They could not even get the USB-2.0 support right in their chip sets (780/790) for Phenom Quad.

    I have 4 PCs connected to a TruLink 4 port KV< switch one of which is based on MSI "K9A2GM" . While the other 3 based on via, and nvidia work flawlessly I have to either have a second set of keyboard and mouse attached to this particular PC at all times or press the reset button on the KVM switch every time I switch to this particular PC. This is true regardless of the OS I am running on that PC.

    Even after repeated correspondence with MSI no solution was forth coming. Couple of months back they replaced the motherboard for a different reason. The problem still continues.

    I have been a diehard loyalist of AND for last 15 years dut=ring which I must have built at least about 500 systems - all based on AMD. So infuture if I can't get motherboards with AMD cpu support with nVidia chiset it is bye-bye AMD.

    Good job AMD !!!!!

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