AMD Ontario-equipped netbooks due out early next year


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AMD has previously announced that its first Fusion chips for netbooks, based on the 40nm 'Ontario' architecture, are slated for release before the end of the year. But it looks like the first actual products to use them won't arrive until early next year. According to the latest update from DigiTimes, several major netbook manufacturers including the likes of Acer, Asus and HP are planning to introduce Fusion-based systems in the first quarter of 2011.

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The manufacturers are probably hoping to dump as much current stock as possible during the Christmas rush - if this new AMD is really double the speed, along with all the other perks, I could see many of the Atom units getting passed by by consumers.

Plus there is always some extra lag when first adapting to a new processor package, can imagine a little more tweakage is required when it's a CPU/GPU combination.


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Regardless of the cpu performance unless they come out with a chipset that functions properly it is not going to have any takers.

For instance I have 4 PCs connected through a CablesToGo kvm switch whicj has standard ps2 connectors for the keyboard and mouse. These connect to the PCs through usb ports. PC with MSI-K9A2GM motherboard and AMD Phenom Quad always gives problems in recognition and the KVM requires to be reset.

Another problem with their USB port is a specific flash drive - Kingston 16 gb Data Traveller cannot be written to. Even while reading it gives oxxassional errors. It works flawlessly on ABSOLUTELY every other PC I have used it on.

BTW Sandisk - 2 to 32 gb and DataTraveller 4 gb work flawlessly!

Unfortunately MSI and AMD have been unresponsive to this problem even after repeated complaints.

What would be perfect would be nVidia designing an ION chipset for this cpu.