AMD Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs will reportedly have 16 Gbps GDDR6, 320 W TGP


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That's just botch. Drivers cannot be that big unless there's a huge amount of poor and lazy programming with lots of unnecessary libraries and copy/pasted code. Which is the last thing you want in video drivers.
It's not so much a case of botching, just having every possible file that may be required in a single package. In the case of Nvidia's, GeForce Experience and PhysX take up a large chunk (over 200 MB apiece), but when you dig into the main driver folder itself, one can see where the key bytes are allocated. The largest library by far is nvoptix at over 80 MB in size - it's for their ray tracing Optix API. Other large files include nvrtum64, nvlddmkm, and nvcompiler64 - the final two are the critical ones, as nvlddmkm is the actual display driver and nvcompiler is the library for converting shader code. Combined, they take up less than 50 MB of space; not very much in the grand scheme of things.

As handy as it is to have every possible thing one might need in a single download package, it would be nice if Nvidia offered a service where one could select aspects that aren't required, such as ShadowPlay or Nview, to streamline the download somewhat. But then this would get very tricky for the likes of PhysX, where the folder contains multiple versions of the various libraries, as required because games are developed on one specific version.


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The Push for 4k gaming comes at the cost of a lot of heat and power. I think I'll stick to 1080/1440 for a while longer, that power draw isn't worth it imo.
Agree 1000%, why not make games that run super efficient with more effects at 1440, take the draw away from GPU as the CPU is under used and then get best of both worlds, I mean honestly, this is just **** measuring ...I have 4k game running at only have 230fps on a 1080p....laughable... who cares... the game is 1% about the visuals and 99% about play