AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPU sales are tiny compared to Zen 3


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I'll take it a step further, you dont need these CPUs. Period. If you are playing at 60 FPS like the majority of the planet is on, CPUs have been good enough, you can still rock skylake quad cores and get the job done. Even playing games like halo infinite at 144hz, the limitation is the GPU 99% of the time.

I feel like, with 6 core CPUs having been around for so long, there's just no reason to upgrade. most of the old haswell/ivy bridge and FX series parts have been replaced, hell most of the ryzen 1000s have or are currently being replaced by 5000 series upgrades, and those upgrades will last a long time, especially given the sluggish economy and ever rising cost of living. .

Everything right now is reminding me more of 2007/early 2008, lots of spending but nobody had cash. This s gonna blow up hard in the coming years.....

My wife doesn't game or do anything demanding and she's still on a Q6600. Does more than she asks of it. Not too bad for a 16 year old CPU! Pair an old CPU with an SSD and enough RAM and the average user is fine.


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With even the lower end B650 boards coming in around $300+ and higher end X670E boards coming in around $500-600 or even more it's no wonder hardly anyone is biting on the AM5 platform yet. These boards are priced hundreds of dollars more than a similar tier board from just the last generation. I understand inflation and prices go up, buy these prices are just ridiculous.


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They should make a version of Zen4 (with rdna3 and not rnda2) for the AM4 socket motherboards with the x570 and ddr4 ram and keep the 3d versions (with rdna3 too, it's not only about fps but about better video encoding and decoding capabilities) with the extra cache only for the AM5 slot.

This way they will push to lower the am5 mb prices as well. People don't want to change the motherboard and throw it away with the ram but they are open to buy a new processor.

If they don't do this then the zen 5 when it comes it will make the zen4 obsolete. If they try to avoid it and delay zen5 they will lose to the competition. So they need to do the only thing they can do to increase their sales right now and that is simply to do what the market is telling them and that is to make a version of zen4 for the am4 slot as soon as possible.
The mobo makers will probably threaten to boycott AMD. AMD doesn't have the same controlling power that Intel has, unfortunately.
AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPU sales are tiny compared to Zen 3?

...and Intel 12th Gen Raptor Lake sales are tiny compared to Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake 12th sales.

Yes, Raptor Lake is selling more than Zen 4, but sales are still tiny compared to AMD Zen 3.

So the objective headline would say that all other x86-64 desktop CPU sales are tiny compared to AMD Zen 3.

Zen 3 had a slow start as well.