AMD Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs are burning out for no apparent reason


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I come from the old school (ok I am old! XD) when Asus was the best motherboard brand, and I recently bought 3 asus Motherboards for Ryzen am4 and I also fix computers for a living. ALL the Asus motherboards amd work quite bad... from the cheap 520 to 550 / 670 not a single one of them recognize the correct ram speed, they all say its a 2660 mhz ram.. and you have to manually select which speed, all the way up to 8000 mhz on a 520 ddr4... LOL.... they all sometimes wont boot, get stuck on bios image, take forever to boot, wont save bios settings (for example I try to save the setting for the rgb to stay OFF when computer is off and it never stays off.. Armorycrate takes 3% of computer load with an 8 core cpu.. and with the 5700g when I installed I could only assign 2gb of ram, a few days laters I could assign 4 gb... and this is not a joke, NOW I can set it up to 16 gb and I havent updated bios... Asus is a JOKE now on Ryzen. which brand do you recomend with Ryzen? I learned my lesson and no more Asus for me..
as you can see english is not my main language... apologies for my terrible spelling.
I have built PCs as well for 25 years, but Asus never priorized AMD stuff it seems.
Their AMD GPUs re-use Nvidia card coolers and their motherboards are not really great. They simply focus on Intel and Nvidia it seems.