AMD sempron +2400 1.7ghz VS Pentium m 1.4ghz

By MadCatz900
Feb 18, 2005
  1. Ok i know that pentium processors are better than AMD for work related stuff well thats what i got told but i use my AMD for games and i just wanted to know which processor you guys think is better.

    AMD Sempron +2400 1.7ghz


    Pentium m 1.4ghz

    I know some of you might be thinking why im asking because obviously the 1.7ghz is the best but is that true because i ran a program to test CPU and the pentium m won on CPU passmark getting 305 and AMD getting 295 but the AMD won on other tests i have attached the test results to this thread so you can see for yourself.

    I guess my real question is how good are AMD sempron processors?

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  2. fishhookz

    fishhookz TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Nothing is better than others OVERALL.

    AMD excels at gaming. Pentium wins in video/audio de/en-coding. Also, the chipset plays a role in benchmarking. SiS is no way better than nForce, for example. Like my family's PC, its PC3200 RAM is the same as mine in my PC, but their benchy wins in RAM dept. Their RAM or Intel chipset is better than mine.
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