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Jul 25, 2004
  1. I am helping my father-in-law set up his new system he has a AMD XP 2400 on a MSI K7N2 Delta. I believe the FSB is supposed to be at 166 but when the system posts it reports the processor as a 2500. If i set the FSB to 133 then at post a 1900. The bios has an option for 200 but the computer will not post at all. This motherboard does not support 1mhz stepping of the FSB. The bios PC health section indicated a temp 53C at idle, this seems high. Suggestions please.

    WinXP Home
    AMD 2400
    MSI K7N2 Delta
    Sound Blaster Live
    512 3200 kingston
  2. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    I highly doubt the FSB is 166 as the chip by default runs at 133.

    The correct settings for the multiplier and FSB are as below.

    15.0 X 133

    This should give you the default speed for the CPU.
  3. SOB

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    he may have a 2500+, as they made both a 266 and a 333 for the 2500+. it doesn't make sense that back @ default, he shows a 1900 @ 133.
  4. cogenmaster

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    Default FSB

    I agree SOB - My father-In-Law swears he bought a retail 2400 and to his knowledge has not made any bios changes. I was just looking at the product spec sheets on AMD's website and they report the 2400 at 2000mhz and the 2500 at 18??mhz, cant remember exactly. At any rate I am really confussed by this and not sure what to recommend to him. Running at 133 seems to be unclocking his system and 166 seems to be overclocking. He thinks that if it works at 166 it is good enough! Advice Thanks
  5. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    SOB, as Cogenmaster has mentioned earlier its a XP2400+ CPU. It does make sense that @ default, the BIOS shows a 1900 @ 133 because the multipliers might have been set to 12.0 as the previous cpu may be using 12.0.


    12.0 x 133 = 1596MHz

    Which is approx 1.6GHz the default speed of an XP1900+ proc.

    Cogenmaster, the XP2400 is most probably a TBred B as is designed to run at stock FSB of 133MHz (266MHz effective). Therefore its not underclock at 133MHz. As I have mentioned earlier there might be a possibility that your Uncle's previous CPU uses 12.0x.

    You need to increace the Multiplier in the BIOS to 15.0 while mantaining the FSB at 133.

    15.0 x 133 = 1995 MHz

    which is approx 2.0GHz for this processor
  6. SOB

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    ok! y&w......... if, u can change the multiplier to 15 then a 133fsb should do the trick and post a 2400.
  7. Rick

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    I don't think AMD makes a 2400+ barton (333Mhz).

    The 333MHz bus doesn't start until 2500+
  8. young&wild

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    Same here. :)
  9. Raiders

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    On the K7N2-Delta,check the J10&J11 jumpers,,this may be the problem.
    If you dont have the manual jus goto and you should find a downloadable PDF file of the manual.
  10. SOB

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    all the jumpers do is set all bios settings back to default. a 133 setting is for a 266 fsb. it's just the multiplier needs to be 15. as previously stated. the 2500 has a 266 and a 333 variant, as previously posted. and the reason i alluded that the processor may be a 2500. but, upon young abd wild's assesment of the multiplier, not knowing the MSI board, nonetheless,should be able to shift the multiplier to 15 to accomodate a 2400+ post in the bios. correct?
  11. Raiders

    Raiders TS Rookie Posts: 69

    I run the same K7N2-delta and a "Barton"XP 2800+ my only thought was Cogenmaster's problem was jus that. A jumper setting,,also to best of my knolage the jumpers allow the N2 chip to run at the rite FSB regardless of the BIOS settings,,the K7N2-Delta supports all 4 AMD FSB's 266/333/400 and for the 3000's 600mhz.

    jus my .02
  12. SOB

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    well, no. first of all, the max default fsb setting in any athlon chip is 400 mhz. the 3000 and the 3200 to be exact. jumpers are useful when you overclock and get the dreaded black screen of death, when things don/
    't work out. then voila' pull and replace the jumper and boom, you're back to square on. and i do mean quite a few adjustments need to be made as the default bus won't automatically recognize the chip. and, that's only the beginning.
  13. Didou

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  14. SOB

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  15. Didou

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    Not in the retail channel. That could be a mobile part or a CPU custom tailored for an OEM so it's not a part you can go in a store & buy.
  16. Rick

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    They used to sell them at, OEM. The but 2500 with a 266MHz did exist several months ago. :)
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