Analysts: PS3 to win current-generation console war

By Matthew · 78 replies
Mar 8, 2010
  1. Richy2k9

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    hello ...

    @ TorturedChaos - Thank you!

    I think same, because the PS3 has true AAA Exclusive while most Xbox games are also on PC, i'm just sad that most people i know having a PC or an Xbox360 plays pirated games.

    @ Docnoq

    LOL, i understand this, in fact PS Home is as good as it is bad, it is social networking for gamers but a la sauce 'second life' without the naughty part.

    it's dedicated to PS gamers, a space where you can meet & chat, play mini games or start disc based games.

    sometimes you meet some lame, sometimes some excentric, but all the time some gamers.

    the different spaces & mini games makes it worth something, mostly because developers are investing into it. some games like Sodium One - Salt shooter is quite fun.

    I hate it when i see people keep bashing the PS3, when they don't even have the figures or know anything about it, or maybe they are just jealous. with 2K9-2K10 software lineup, the PS3 has reach a very high level that can be said above the others.

    your anecdote is something i see everywhere indeed & it's too bad.

    Nintendo is for the family & Super Mario the best franchise.
    Xbox360 is not a bad console to those loving Halo, Gears of War & Fable, yet if in the beginning it had some advantage in Multiplat games (developer's fault), now the PS3 can show it's potential & sometimes be better.

    repeating here, i'm just so sorry to see the high level of piracy on the other platform, even if some Geo hacker said the PS3 is crack open, i won't see piracy on it so soon & with the quality soft, i'm sure people won't bother pay for the great exclusives on it & coming soon.

    @ arcanum67 - i just feel sorry for you!

    at the time the PS3 cost as much as an Xbox360 plus a WII, i got my PS3 for Rs 18000 (580 USD) but if i had to do it again, will do so blindly.

    at the same time i've seen friends changing 3 times xbox360 & putting their WII in the closet & continue to play on the PC.

    & if i want today i can buy an xbox, a WII plus a monster PC, but still do feel like the best combo (sorry again repeating) is my PS3 + my future MAC or gaming PC!

  2. Relic

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    I feel like I need to clarify what I said early on as I'm getting the feeling people are misinterpreting what I'm saying. What I mean with "failed generation" is that years from now the failures might be remembered more then the successes and there were a lot of those across all three consoles. I'm also not saying that this generation hasn't made huge advancements in gaming which it has, but maybe my choice of words wasn't the best :) . I still do believe though the Wii will stay at #1 when the first next generation systems move out. However PS has proven the longevity of its systems with both the PS1 & 2 so I have no doubt PS3 will be around long into whatever Nintendo and Microsoft releases next.

    While they market it like that, at the end of the day it's still a closed system and can't truly do everything...but like you said PS3 + PC is the best combo for maximum gaming :) .
  3. Yoda8232

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    PS3 will overtake 360 no doubt, overtaking the Wii would be hard but could happen. Regardless PC gaming is still the best because of the customization, selection, gameplay, graphics, you know the drill.
  4. "Guest
    on March 8, 2010
    9:17 PM lol @relic. Failed generation? Hardware issues aside, gaming has never been so good."

    Whats so good about gaming today? All I see are generic shooters. The only impressive thing about today´s games is the storytelling. But where is originality? Where is fun?

    The best times for gaming were 90´s with games like Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, System Shock, Settlers, original Half Life, Transport Tycoon, Lands of Lore, Syndicate...

    That was offspring of originality in gameplay, fun, enthusiasm. Today, all we have is thousands of Halo clones and some flat and simple RPGs (except for The Witcher, which is surprisingly deep and well made and really resembles the good old times). Thats not what i´d call good times for gaming.
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