Anonymous hacks security company HBGary for working with FBI

By Emil ยท 68 replies
Feb 7, 2011
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  1. Heavens forbid a business man should try to drum up business. Is this what our capitalism has brought us to?
  2. Heaven forbid a snitch should get stitches - metaphorically speaking, ofc.

    The "businessmen" just ruined both HBGary and HBGary Federal. Their source code's compromised. The entirety of their data's in the hands of Anonymous. Who's going to drop a mil or two on it now? The Feds? That'd be hilarious, but not even the Feds are that *****ic.

    Gl with that fire sale. HBGary's been flushed down the crapper.
  3. I love you anon, learning SQL as we speak so I can get in on this next time.

    I hope all shareholders of hbgay see this and realize the "security" company was nothing more than a sham to bill legit businesses after scarring them into paying fees. No "securing" of anything was done by these people as they are incapable of such things, as demonstrated by Anonymous.

    Who owns the sky?
  4. I think Anon is a pretty cool guy. eh makes fools of HBGarry and doesnt afraid of anything!
  5. MaXtor

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    Looking forward to future events. :)

    OUTLAWXXX TS Rookie Posts: 51

    L O L O L

    This is EPIC
  7. littlebill

    littlebill TS Rookie


    The FBI should just hire anonymous and call it a day. This country is going to shi**. If HBGary security can get hacked then something tells me they aren't too secure. I'm just wondering if the peon who hired HBGary has figured this one out.
  8. Pro wikileak, pro Arab "Flower" revolutions, makes "anonymous" sound as Mossad-CIA
    assets working for Soros-Open Society subversion.
  9. Why mixed feelings?
  10. Little punk criminals who could find out who you are in under a minute and have your 401k deleted and completely destroy your identity. Don't **** with someone who's got the gun pointed straight at your pompous full-of-hot-air head.
  11. ramonsterns

    ramonsterns TS Enthusiast Posts: 744   +12


    No wait.

  12. Are we playing name that movie? It's Enemy Of The State 1998 starring Will Smith!
  13. So tired of what the government and large corporate entities are trying to do to halt WikiLeaks operations. You can't stop freedom of speech or the press. You can't silence the messenger. You just don't do it. There are no exceptions. For shame.
  14. > I guess most of you didn't read the mails where Barr explains his little plan - he's looking for a public
    > fight with Anon so he can shine a bit of reflected glory on his company and drum up business

    > Guess that backfired, Aaron - what's plan B?

    Lemme guess... the B is for Bankruptcy, isn't it?

    HBGary lowered their firewall,
    HBGary had a great cyber-fall,
    All Aaron's resources and all of his men,
    Couldn't put HBGary together again.
  15. Haha Im shure this is the work of "TrInItY" ,"NeO" and "MoRphUes".... Set ThEm MiNdS FrEe Anonymous

    Love this stuff, some one should make a movie out of it, This kept me more entertained than "HaCkeRs".

    enough said... let the SAGA continue, *Grabing a bowl of popcorn*.
  16. How about "The antisocial network"?
  17. I think this shows us that this is a just the tip of the iceberg, in relation to the dodgyness that companies get up to. I totaly support anon in this. HBGary has had Karma pay it a visit, but realistically they brought this on themselves, then made it worse with their lies and pr spin. The only analogy i can think of that adequately describes what HBGary has done to itself is, if a person took a big black double ended dildo and sucked on it till they started choking whist stuffing the other end up their own shithole.
  18. Email sent by Rich Cummings to all HBGary staff on the 10th Feb 2009 about the
    Kaspersky labs Hack:

    Subject: Kaspersky labs website hacked
    Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 19:51:04 +0000

    Simple Sql injection was the attack vector... Does our new website have a sql backend?
  19. Anon is a bunch of script kiddies. You wanna see real hackery? take a look at stuxnet.

    Any ***** can perform what Anon does. Just download A) low orbit ion canon (a proggy that can be used for DDOS)
    and B) learn some sql injection (though there aren't any websites of consequence that are still susceptible to SQLinjections)

    If you think you are capable of layers of sophisticated virus programming, try to reproduce Stuxnet. a worm specifically designed to set back Iranian uranium enrichment facilities by cracking purifying centrifuges.

    Do you know how many windows pc's were infected with the virus? Do you know how it spread to the control boxes of the centrifuge machines? The program records status information of when the centrifuges are operating normally, then replays this information while making the machines dance to a different beat. This program had 4 (yes four) 0day windows exploits combined into one nifty little virus with a very specific payload. So while little punks who call themselves anonymous and run ddos proggs in blissful retarded unison and think they are hackers cause they can take down a website for almost an hour, there are real hackers out there who can design cyber warheads and devious (rocket science caliber) payloads.

    Difference? Look ma, I took down the vatican website for 30 minutes. Look ma, I ruined 30% of functional uranium enriching centrifuges in an enrichment plant halfway around the world while releasing one of the most sophisticated computer viruses ever conceived.

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