another slow 8800 gts :(

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I know i already got decent PSU and still crap performance from 8800 gts so here goes please bear with me everyone,and i appreciate all your help

ok here goes i have evga 8800 gts super clocked and it isnt meeting the expectations of the benchies im seeing on games. my sys specs are as follows 170 opteron dual core 2mb L2 cache at 2400hertz,2gig ram 4x 512 sticks pc3200,7200rpm sata 3g seagate 320gig with 16mb cache,sound blaster audigy SE, 550 watt power supply with 2x pci-x connectors 2 18amp rails, and also a Asus A8N-VM-CSM mobo with 6150 onboard geforce graphics,nforce 430 chipset. with all up to date chipset,video,bios drivers. And im gettin like 60fps in Prey on the benchmark at 1024x768 with settings on low and every bench i see is around 156fps with same settings. Am i missing something here? i upgraded my 3700 A64 san-diego chip to the dual core optie and no difference really in company of heros im not even breakin 40fps on 1024x768 and all other bechies are around 63fps or so and thats with 4AA/16AF, im thinkin its my motherboard, its not the best gameing board buts it was the only thing i had at the time,any suggestions? also before the 8800 i had a 1950 pro 256mb radeon and still very crappy scores thanks guys
I'd up the psu to at least a 700 watt unit. I understand that it may meet minimum specs, but the 8800 series is a power hog. Minimum requirements with these cards basically means minimum results and performance. I have an XFX 8800 GTX and the minimum called for a 500 watt supply. Too sluggish so I upped it to a 700 and it runs fantastic now. Also, did you disable your onboard graphics in the bios? I'm not sure if that board auto-recognizes onboard video from the pcie slot. Also, is the card in a 16X pci-e slot, or are the pci-e slots 8X??
I don't have PCI express but I had a similar problem with a earlier computer that I had that ran on AGP. I had really low benchmark scores compared to other peoples that had the same setup. The reason being was that the slot interference was running at 4x instead of 8x and all the accelerations were turned off. Check to make sure your motherboard fully supports 16x and check to see if PCI Express has accelerations like AGP does, (I honestly have never tried PCI Express before) and make sure that they are enabled.

Also check to see if you have any background programes stealing resources.
well the 8800 min requirement on the nvidia site is 400watt and the GTX is 450watt so i think i have plenty of wattage and amperage for the card the mobo A8n-VM-CSM is x16pci-e or so it says
i dont know in the bios theres a section that stats this

Hyper Transport C51PV Config
LDT (K8) to C51PV (NB) Frequency {Auto} manul selection from 200 Mhz to 1600 Mhz but it wont post at anything above 400Mhz

LDT (K8) to C51PV (nb) Linkwidth {Auto} 8down 8up and 16down 16up tried 16down 16up but seems no performance gain

Hyper Transport MCP51 Configuration
MCP51 (SB) to Nvidia (NB) Frequency {800MHz} go from 200MHz to 1600MHz wont post on anything higher than 1000MHz
MCP51 (SB) to Nvidia (NB) Linkwidth {8down 8up) wont post at 16down 16 up

Ive tried looking at Adrian wongs website with all Bios settings but i cant find out what this crap means any where and that may have something to do with this prob
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