Another XP Lock-up thread

By TwistedWolf ยท 4 replies
Dec 17, 2003
  1. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully giving me some insight into this thoroughly brain busting problem I'm having.

    First off, system specs just in case mine refuse to show after creation of this account:

    Athlon 1400mhz processor
    Biostar M7NCD mobo
    256 DDR 2100 Centron Ram
    GeforceFX 5200
    400 PSU

    I'm running Windows XP Pro SP1 updated completely as of Dec-17-2003, Nforce Drivers version 3.13 with NVidia IDE SW Drivers installed, and NForce 53.03 Display drivers (uncertain as to whether this is repetitious). Fresh install, Winrar and Adobe being the only programs installed as of now.

    The problem is this, the computer will, without warning, error, or BSOD, lock-up (freeze, hang, whatever the term is now) randomly. No Event messages, and no certain activities being performed, or over all time elapsed.

    I had tested memory with memtest36 when I had 512 installed, found one stick to have errors, and removed it. Problem still persists.

    I have monitored voltage, and there is some fluctuation, but not enough that I should worry on it I believe (within +/- .03 volts)

    Memtests runs clean now.

    Before, and now, I had the highest drivers available for the board, and graphics card, and have heard that there is some stability issues with various hardware types. Could this be the problem, and if not, please provide some other possibilities.

    Thanks again.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Check your CPU and mobo temperatures, maybe the cpu-cooler is clogged up/dirty. If temp seems high, try with your case open.

    Download MoBo Monitor here if you need it:
  3. allc0re

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    Also make sure the heatsink is seated securely on the processor. That sounds to me to be a heat related problem. If you have a functioning heatsink/fan, then maybe it's time to upgrade it to a more efficient combination.
  4. Rick

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    A bad mouse or PS/2 port can cause freezing on most systems.

    Hey... It's worth looking at. ;)

    I've also seen Windows XP SP1 & latest updates freeze a computer (may take a few minutes, may take an hour or so), where a fresh installation without SP1 and the latest updates did not. Of course, when I installed SP1 and the latest updates on this fresh install of XP, the freezing began once again.

    It wouldn't surprise me if there is a patch from Microsoft including in SP1 or acquired from a Windows update that is causing your freezing problems.

    Perhaps try Windows XP without SP1, or uninstall it from Add/Remove programs and see if that helps.
  5. DarkSoul

    DarkSoul TS Rookie

    Wow, we're sure loving XP, aren't we?
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