Antivirus 2009 - Bad image error problems

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Dec 10, 2008
  1. I spent 8 hours on my bosses computer with the norton anti-virus he bought. I installed the software and after installation it performed a scan and in middle of scan comp froze. Re-booted and couldn't do anything. re-booted and ran the Norton disk from the command prompt that said- Press any key to boot from disk. It gave me some kind of tool from Norton that scans and removes problems. Did a scan and came up with 24 problems. Was able to remove 20 of them. The remaining four were identical and labeled as a virus. Said it could not be removed.Re-booted and got a zillion Bad Image errors when trying to open almost anything. Also said the task manager was locked by administrater. My boss said the computer never had an administrater it just boots right to the desktop. I have read up on some solutions but I cant access ANYTHING on windows. Was wondering about downloading HJT , but seriously doubt that i can get into windows and install it. He wanted to thow the computer over the deck onto the rocks, but I am hoping I can find a better solution here.
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    I have read the 8 steps but my bosses computer cant connect to internet so it cant look for updates. I think this is why norton couldn't remove virus, the last scan I did said it was clean but innacurate because it needed an upgrade. The only part of the file name(of the virus) that i remember is that it was in the temp folder.
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    If he was considering throwing it onto the rocks I would consider formatting the hard drive and simply reinstalling windows clean.

    And for future reference -> I would not use Norton nor Mcafee -> listed below are some free programs to try which work better -> if you want to get the paid versions there are advantages, and if this is a company computer you are supposed to get the paid version, the free version offers the same great protection however it is for personal use.

    Here are some firewalls which are free for personal use and most commonly used:
    Comodo <-Vista Compatible
    Kerio (sunbelt) <- vista compatible
    Online Armor
    Zonealarm <-Vista Compatible

    Avast Free
    Avira Free <- My recommendation

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

    Additional Utilities
    Tutorial for Winpatrol

    Spyware Blaster
    Tutorial for Spyware Blaster
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes reformatting is last effort. He has alot of files on there that he needs. Can i creat backups of everything in safe mode? goin there today i havent tried safe mode yet.
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    Alright Ken I will give it a shot.

    Go here do this.

    If you need to, D/L it on another computer put it on a Flash drive or CD get it to the Destkop of the problem computer but do not run it.

    The above also applies to MBAM, SAS and HJT get them to the computer any way you can.

    Boot to Safe mode only (not networking) and run Fixit. It will boot you back to normal mode, run it once more from there.

    When it comes back to Desktop do nothing else,no Internet browsing, do not install or uninstall any software.

    Try the 8 Steps now, if you can run but not update then run without update. But after each run with each program try to update.

    Attach all logs as they are run. Do not forget to attach the logs.

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