Anyone found the new TF2 Weapons (New Update)

By nosebleedXD
May 26, 2009
  1. As most of you know, the new weapons for spy, sniper came out and etc

    if not yeah..

    but anyways.. i was wondering what you guys who play tf2 have already gotten/found

    i was only able to find one dumb boxing glove for heavy

    if anyone knows way to find all the weapons that would be awesomo :p
  2. Alaric101

    Alaric101 TS Rookie

    I found the huntsman yesterday, it's just pure luck, I mean I got that as well as bonk! atomic punch and the backburner all in one go, just play and you'll find it eventually :)
  3. Upon1

    Upon1 TS Rookie

    I got the cloak and dagger as well as the shield for the sniper (can't remember the name of it)

    In order to get weapons now you have to just play; they randomly pop up, there's no specific way to get them anymore :(. They're supposed to implement a trading system in the future since you can get the same item multiple times (i've got 2 nataschas)
  4. nosebleedXD

    nosebleedXD TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 233

    does anyone know how to get it now

    i was able to get it through bots and etc but i forgot how i did it

    my friend wants to get all the achievements now but i forgot what i did

    does anyone know what commands to type in console to get it when creating new server?
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