Apparently I dont have permission to print on my own printer...

By bigredmachine
Sep 3, 2006
  1. I've been having this really annoying problem ever since I took my desktop to the "pc doctor" to get viruses removed. (family screwed it up)... Before i took it I was able to access files and print on this computer from my other two computers on the network. Now when I go to do these things, or I click on this computer in my network places it says that it is not accessible and that I do not have permission to use it. I called the guy that "fixed" it and he claims that the mcafee online (which i never used) was causing this and that the uninstaller was missing so I would have to use the installation disk to uninstall it. Well I never got a disk and it had never caused a problem before, so does anyone know how i can fix this problem? Everything was working great before, and its getting to be a pain e-mailing files to the other computer to print! Thanks a lot
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    any help guys?

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    Delete the Mcafee antivirus from the folder in program files if the uninstaller doesn't work, and the search the registry for it. To get into the registry type regedit in the run command. Search McAfee, and delete every record you find. If you want to do it the safer way just delete the folder and search on google Ccleaner and download it. This program will repair the registry for you. Cheers
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