Apple announces AirPods Max over-ear headphones for $549

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Details: The AirPods Max borrow styling cues from the Apple Watch, specifically the Digital Crown, which is used on the headphones to control volume, manage tracks, answer phone calls and activate Siri. The headband consists of a stainless steel frame wrapped in a soft-to-the-touch material while both the canopy and ear cushions feature a breathable mesh textile. Apple said the ear cups are made of anodized aluminum and connect to the headband via telescoping arms.

Apple on Tuesday formally introduced the AirPods Max, the long-rumored over-ear headphones from the popular tech brand.

Billed as the magic of AirPods in an over-ear design, Apple’s new headphones are a wireless set of cans featuring 40mm Apple-designed dynamic drivers. Each ear cup packs a wealth of tech including an H1 chip, an optical sensor, a position sensor, a cast-detect sensor and an accelerometer. Nine total microphones handle active noise cancellation and voice pickup duties.

Battery life is rated at up to 20 hours of high-fidelity audio, talk time or movie playback with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled. A five-minute recharge will net you an additional 1.5 hours of listening time, we are told.

Apple’s new AirPods Max are offered in five colors including grey, silver, blue, pink and green, and are available to order from today. Expect to pay a lofty $549 for the opportunity (for comparison, standard AirPods start at $159 while AirPods Pro command $249). Look for them to ship on December 15.

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$550 In a world where PS5's and Xbox's are being scalped for twice this price and smartwatches cost $400, these headsets are definitely overpriced, but don't seem like it.

I won't be buying them.

I prefer small profile buds. I'm using $25 Jib+ and they work just fine.


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I'll take Beyerdynamics over this thingy anytime. Currently is the same price, and surely apple wont match quality / price.
Funniest thing is "apple-lovers" will purchase this super-overpriced piece of tech without even waiting for a proper review. Sound quality for the Airpods is terrible (but "apple-lovers" believe it's great because they never compared with anything else), and I am pretty sure this pair of headphones won't beat a 150$ Senhheiser HD-25. Stupid world we are livin' in....


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Curious as to what reviewers say. I tried a pair off Sont Wh1000m4s (or whatever the hell they were called) and they made me feel a bit sick with the cancelling on, I look forward to trying these and at £549 they aren’t too bad. Considering a set of Sennheisers can cost way more.


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I still like my Bose QC35 for business travel as they are light and have no lag/latency issue when watching video. At $550, they are in the same realm as the higher end of the B&O wireless cans which are nice but not $550 nice so nooo thank you apple.


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That is absolutely Apple pricing right there. Holy ****. The Best ANC headphones on the market Are around 300usd, and I really doubt Apple will have Sony beat on sound quality. Not to mention the fidelity 549usd gets you in headphones if youll put up with that wire thingy.


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$550 - much higher than juggernauts in that segment like Sony WH-1000XM4 or Sennheiser Momentum 3. Another product for people who like to pay extra just for a logo.
Not to mention Apple's own Beats Studio 3. Why is this worth $200 more than any of those?

If anyone is planning a review: one of things I'd most like to know is sturdiness of the design, especially at connection points. I had two pairs of the Beats each fail at 13 months out (so right after warranty expires), both times at the hinge where the ear cup is joined to the headband. This is not a problem I've had with any of my other pairs like the Sennheiser, the Bose, or the Steel Series Arctis.


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Lol that price. Since I know my $30 Monoprice Retros sound about the same as my friends $250 beats headphones I am sure these will sound about as good as $50 audiotechnicas. Just stick to Bose or Sony if you want high end ANC headphones, you can even buy a pair of airpod pros ontop of the others for the same price.


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I recently got into the Apple ecosystem and I love it. I have AirPod Pros because they work really well with the iPhone and honestly sound great. However, if I am sitting at home and listening to music it will be from my computer through an AMP/DAC with my Sennheisers. They should lower the price of their AirPod Pros to $200 and make these $350.

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Apple is the leader of price gouging, what worse is their competitors will follow up and increase their price to match!

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Until those "Apple Air Heads" refuse to pay the inflated prices there will be no change ..... by the way, did anyone look up with the Bose alternative is going for? LOL


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And the sheep, will be lining up to have it...just so they can show off the apple logo. Sorry, NOT worth it (to me). If you want to pay that much, feel free.