Apple drops new iPad's "4G" over the weekend, now called iPad + Cellular

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May 14, 2012
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  1. Apple appears to have given in to regulatory pressure after the UK's consumer watchdog, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), as well as Australia's counterpart, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission...

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  2. Article title is a bit misleading. They dropped "4g" label in countries that the ipad's 4g is incompatibility (and never will work) in other countries.

    Apple should not of had it labeled "4g" where it's incompatible with that's countries 4'gs.
  3. Jesse

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    Proof read your own comments before criticizing another person's writing.
  4. MilwaukeeMike

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    Misleading is being nice.... some people call that lying. Example...."Apple drops's iPad's 4g label' (from ipads in australia). That's an important detail. Try telling your boss "I finished all my work" without adding "that I had planned to do today" Or maybe saying 'I went to work today' without adding that you walked in the front door, bought a coffee and went back home.

    Really though... it's phrased like that so you'll say 'What? They did?!' and click on the story. Bill Clinton can explain this idea better.
  5. Leeky

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    Nothing misleading about pointing that fact out when even the US and Canadian stores have been changed to read iPad + Cellular as well, which makes it more of a point to note given that they're both using 4G LTE networks that are actually compatible with the iPad's hardware. It's not just AUS and the UK online stores that have been changed.
  6. taimuraly

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    I live in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and even here its called cellular now ^_^

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