Apple iPhone 5 Review: Thinner, Lighter, Faster

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Sep 27, 2012
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  1. To those who think the commenter's are bias. Apple iPhone user's are the utmost bias people I know, I work with iMacs, Mac Books (All variations), and iPhones. I've had more than one person say to me "Oh I don't do things like that, I'm an Apple person" as if they're now higher than a normal person when it comes to technology, yet they have no idea how to use the thing.

    Almost every review that I read for this phone is bias, but TechSpot isn't nearly as bias as someone like CNN who seems to get paid off and just write about how much iPhone's save the world.

    Point is, a Blackberry user should have written this and/or all reviews on Apple products, as not to be "Childlike bias" towards one topic or another.

    For instance: "Android and Windows Phone user might be surprised at how well rounded the iPhone 5 is if they give it an honest try" - Well rounded? I use all three platforms, if anything the Android OS is well rounded, you can use it on a huge number of phones, Smart TVs, and tablets from a number of companies. Apple gives you limited choices and over-charges for them.

    "The iPhone 5 is the handset that many people have been waiting for." - Never in my life have I heard someone say that they're waiting for a handset?

    "Apple has almost completely redesigned the iPhone's exterior" - It looks exactly the same. The majority of iPhone users wouldn't be able to tell the difference as proved by random testing.

    And to the commenter that posted 34% iOS use compared to the other commenter's poseted 18%, those two figures seemed to be world wide (18%) while the link posted showed the 34% is use in the US. I'd rather world wide figures than just one country?

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  2. VitalyT

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    I had the same sentiment for a long time, till I discovered just how far the market of replaceable batteries evolved. Just look at this awesome product:

    You can go for a week with that one ;)
  3. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 3,663   +1,948

    To the guy above obsessed with the statistics...

    The only stat I care about is how much money is floating in both platforms, when choosing where to invest my time. While people spend billions on applications for iPhone, Android users for most part are "poverty-stricken a$$holes". There is simply no money in the Android application market, compared to iOS.

    Somehow this was nowhere to be listed on your Android bravado.
  4. jkendt1989

    jkendt1989 TS Rookie

    Wow... This is my 1st comment ever on this site after following it for 2 years now. I have to say this is one of the most favored and biased reviews I have read in a long time. It looks to be almost written by Apple itself.

    I understand there are many new features that this new phone brings. However, why was the new maps app brushed over? Why was there no comment on how this new phone scratches 10x more easier on the back then previous models? What about the camera giving a purple glow due to the type of new lenses used on the phone? Even when you stated that something may be negative you looked for other reason as how it was a positive thing and "bettered" the phone.

    I'm all for a positive review but you should let consumers aware of the draw backs as well. This seems more like an add then a review.

    Also, $APPL stock has been in a down trend since the release of this new phone. Monday, the day after it was released had a gap down and continued to fall in the upcoming days. From what I see this new launch isn't as great as the media and "reviews" like this are making it appear.
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  5. amstech

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    The iphone 5 looks nice but I am happy I got my Droid 4, has a dual core @ 1.2Ghz and 1GB Dual Channel RAM, but the edge-lit slide out Qwerty keyboard makes the phone.
  6. Nick D

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    Thanks to the people at XDA, my old Android LG Optimus 2X is still fully updated and after rooting is now undervolted to improve battery life that most likely compares or beats the newest iPhone.
  7. peperonikiller

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    I wonder how much money techspot made under the table from writing this review..
  8. Matthew

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    We're still counting it.
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  9. peperonikiller

    peperonikiller TS Member Posts: 75

    lol, 1iPhone 5, 2 iPhone 5, 4 iPhone 5's... they paid you in iPhones?? Oh what a terrible payment
  10. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    Just for the record, the review phone wasn't sent by Apple. It was purchased by TS. Believe it or not, someone can have a different opinion than you without receiving questionable compensation. Constructive criticism is welcome, as are your own opinions, but I'll be deleting shallow nonsense like "derp, how much money appelz paid u?" from here on.
  11. peperonikiller

    peperonikiller TS Member Posts: 75

    And I understand that, I was, in my own way, agreeing with the many that this article is obviously leaving out some of the more apparent flaws and because of that appears to be biased.

    Now yes we are entitled to our own opinion just as techspot is entitled to write whatever the **** they want, but as a source of news and reviews to many people.. I would think you guys have the capability to write something a little less from one standpoint. The amount of comments saying the same thing is proof of that.
  12. jkendt1989

    jkendt1989 TS Rookie

    If you actually spent money on this review I'd suggest getting more well rounded reviews. It is not fair to the consumer to read these honey moon reviews. Yes this new phone has great things to rave about but the negative things should be looked at in-depth just as well.

    I will be looking to other sites for accurate reviews in the future.
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  13. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    So be it. You can't please everyone. I hope your new destination is better aligned with your views.
  14. ghasmanjr

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    I got close to the end of this article and I thought to myself "This really doesn't add much to the table in terms of innovation or performance boosts, it won't score higher than an 80-85". You guys rated it a 90 though. The iPhone 5 just seems to be playing catch-up with the droid market. Here is my constructive criticism: I love Techspot, but the reviewer of Apple products seems to be very biased. I saw that the benchmarks for the phone were included in the review. I love reading your PC game reviews and benchmarks because you guys compare the hardware of many different companies. Where are the benchmarks for the Galaxy S3? I know that many will tell me "Just Google it", but I'd like to see them incorporated for a more well-round review.
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  15. Sarcasm

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    Exactly the point. Reviews are DESIGNED and ENGINEERED for those who "don't know" and come to an article like this to gain some perspective and knowledge. Whether it is about a Phone or Processor or Car. Whatever the product. But if all they see is one side gloating about only the positive aspects but completely sweeping the negative aspects under the rug, then it is the lack of the responsibility of the writer. But again if we don't like it, then we just have to stop reading them.

    Overall I think the anyone who was shopping for an iPhone and didn't have a phone to begin with will be quite happy. But if you were someone like me who had the original iPhone and then iPhone 3GS and with my wife having an iPhone 4. This really is the same OS I've personally gotten bored with and moved away from. And now I have a Galaxy S3 which suites my personality and usage much better.
  16. Seems like a decent phone, the only real issues I can see is the aluminum scratching and the maps problem. Scratches come with time regardless of what material is used (plastic, glass, stainless steel) and the maps issue is software which can be fixed in time, but there are also other resolutions to it (google maps online, third party apps, etc.). The only thing I don't get is why some people think it's a failure because it has a lot of the same things that other phones have.
  17. This phone deserves a 90. It is a great phone. Not revolutionary like the original iPhone but evolutionary in almost all the right ways (speed, size, screen, weight, OS, fixability, durability, and future-proof ability).

    It is sad that most android-based phone users will be stuck with the OS version their phone came with or be lucky enough to have access to maybe a single update. This will make your phones feel very old very fast. And most of that great hardware on the newer Samsungs etc. will never ever get a chance to be put to real use.
  18. jkendt1989

    jkendt1989 TS Rookie

    That's an interesting point except for the fact that I had an iPhone 3g and an iPhone 4 and guess what? When the updates came out I didn't receive the new features. The updates only slowed down my phone and made the response slower. Personally I'll take no more updates as long as it runs smooth vs new updates without it running smooth. That point is invalid.
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  19. Just for the record, the review phone wasn't sent by Apple. It was purchased by TS. Believe it or not, someone can have a different opinion than you without receiving questionable compensation. Constructive criticism is welcome, as are your own opinions, but I'll be deleting shallow nonsense like "derp, how much money appelz paid u?" from here on.

    So do you buy every kind of new phone that comes out? A family member of mine had an iPhone 5, I picked it up, looked at it very closely to see if there were any "Major design changes" that your review noted...there wasn't. At all.
    Next I asked, why did they get this phone? And she went off to ramble a whole LIST of issues that her iPhone 4s had, which she only bought...less than a year ago? I kindly let her know that my 2+ year old Droid is still working fine, and after I bought my Droid 4 I sold it to a good friend of mine. So over the past 2 smart phones that I've had, I paid a total of $50 out of pocket. Yet my family member has been spending $300 for each iPhone, due to the whole "You should definitely buy THIS iPhone" style advertising, two of my family members run out and buy it as soon as it comes out, ALWAYS complaining about the "Tons of problems the last one had"...
    ...If the last one had problems, why do you keep buying the same thing.
    ...But it's white instead of black! Terrific, too bad the majority puts a case over it anyway.
    Every iPhone ad reads "So much more" "Best iPhone yet" "Worlds most advanced OS"
    What's the "So much?" "Lets hope it's better than the last" "If it was advanced, then it wouldn't be simple to use, which is why people buy it". The amount of false advertisement spewing from Apple and it's "Reviewers" should be illegal, they're robbing people by making false promises.
    Someone mentioned Droids not getting many updates. I just got one on mine, my whole user interface has been updated and looks completely different. I didn't cry about it, I adjusted to it.
    I've been told by an iPhone 5 user that Christopher Columbus had better navigation than the new maps system does.
    All I ask is for a fair review! :)
    P.S. Techspot...other than this review...I'm addicted to every other aspect of your site.Bravo (y)
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  20. pgianni8

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    I think its also worth mentioning iPhone works great with VoiceAssist service, for those that must check and respond to Txts,emails, and FB or Twitter updates while driving. Far more robust voice control than anything siri or similar voice apps have to offer.
  21. One2three

    One2three TS Rookie

    Are you referring to a more thorough, objective perspective? Because that is something also I would appreciate. Would you say techspot should now be seen as a somewhat one-eyed design fanzine?
  22. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    Reviewing a product whose greatest points of contention ultimately boil down to personal preference makes it virtually impossible to record one's "objective" findings. An indifferent smartphone review would be drier than a phone book, and likely just as long. Larger comparisons could have been made between the iPhone 5 and competing handsets in our review at the expense of timeliness, but even then you'd only have a subjective comparison -- especially considering the fact that Shawn doesn't have many rival units on-hand, so his opinion would have been based on second-hand impressions, and we avoid that type of thing.

    Instead, he offered his take on Apple's new handset, and based on that information readers should be able to determine whether it suits them. Naturally, those who oppose his stance are the most vocal, as if they've been wronged by some Apple shill, when that couldn't be further from the truth. If you disagree with Shawn's stance, the binary nature of our review has accomplished its goal: you've likely determined that you don't want an iPhone 5, and that's fine. The thing is, I don't think many people recognize that impact, which is interesting, though difficult to act on as feedback. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
  23. lawfer

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    I must admit I did find this review rather shallow. And I mean no disrespect to the reviewer.

    I do believe a more in-depth review of both hardware and software should have been made. This is more of a long impression than an actual </I>review</I>.

    For those looking for a review of the device, I recommend Ars Technica's review.

    I also would like to add I agree with almost everything said in this piece, I just think the execution was hindered by the effort of timeliness.
  24. One2three

    One2three TS Rookie

    Reply to techspot:
    Hey people. I was referring to a more objective and comparing view. Not a superdry technical one. We have the specs, don't we? But by judging this phone without considering what the competition is offering, review value is lost. So to speak. The verge have written a very thorough and interesting review:

    "Apple also leaves developers empty-handed on widgets. It provides the minimally useful weather and stock widgets for the notification drawer, but isn't opening up that space to anyone else. And I must mention this ? the fact that the weather icon continues to read 73 degrees and sunny when it is clearly possible to have icons update with at least some information (see the calendar icon) is now laughable at best, and sad at worst."

    "And what about actionable notifications? Notifications in Jelly Bean can be acted on without having to jump into an app, which is a fantastic addition to Android. I use them all the time. I would have loved to see Apple innovate in this area ? especially considering the fact that iOS multitasking still doesn't represent an "always on" experience.

    Don't get me wrong, iOS is a beautiful and well-structured mobile operating system ? but it's begun to show its age. It feels less useful to me today than it did a couple of years ago, especially in the face of increasingly sophisticated competition. I always have this sense now in iOS of not knowing where I am, what my status is ? constantly having to load things and reload them. It feels tiring."
  25. @One2three:

    the link (review) you provided still not thorough enough

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