Apple to increase retail employees' base pay to $22 p/h amid unionization push, rising...


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I made amazing money as a delivery driver, before I switched to my current profession(being a prince and all), it did a great job of fueling my cocaine habit. They kept Pedialyte under the cash register because everyone would come in hungover everyday, good times.
Perhaps so. But, do all of those perks make up for the need to live in abandoned houses, while having to siphon the neighbors gas tanks to get to work?

I get that now you are a Prince, all you have to do is send your minions out to raid the neighboring village's grain stores to feed the royal camel without lifting a finger
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Wow, I find it extraordinarily hard to believe that employees were upset over 20 dollars an hour for a retail position. That sounds pretty cushy to me. Minimum wage is still 7.50 dollars. And if you worked at a regular retail place in states where the minimum wage isn't higher than federal, you would likely find yourself bringing in up to $13 an hour, after a few raises.

Cry me a river! Apple should raise the wages of the underpaid workers in their foreign manufacturing plants before they raise the wages of US Apple retail workers.
Perhaps you should do a budget where you make $7.50/hr and then come back and tell us how much of your current lifestyle you would be able to support on that.


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These jobs are for high-school grads and college kids. Some people - for whatever reason - believe a job like this should give them raises in perpetuity until they reach a "living wage". The Free market doesn't work like that.
I guess you think that reality is that everyone can afford college. Hint: your reality is different from the reality of many others.


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Perhaps you should do a budget where you make $7.50/hr and then come back and tell us how much of your current lifestyle you would be able to support on that.
And I would not get down on a small company paying minimum wage.
But considering whet those people put up with in the stores, especially after the sale, makes them worth their weight in gold in my opinion.

Apple seems to cut corners in the worst of ways sometimes.


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No 2-3x the amount of money spent per month. As a Diesel truck owner, my weekly fuel cost is about $50. We used to spend $150-200 for a two week supply of groceries. Now it is easy to spend $150 for just a week supply. Lets not forget this last winter we paid nearly 2x the cost of natural gas from last year... I'm thinking of replacing my two central air AC units with the heatpump versions, as natural gas is not the cheap fuel it once was. And who knows if it will go back down, not when they are making money hand over fist.

While I agree that the low income earners was never the big issue in this country, and that jacking their wage while not jacking the middle class wages it part of this whole issue. $12/hr isn't enough ATM. Even at 22/hr you are nothing more than a labor slave. You could work 50hr's are just have enough to simply be allowed to keep living. Min wage needed to be increased, but I don't know of a single entry level job that was paying those wages. $12/hr seemed like the way to go, now we have people starting out at $16-20/hr.

Hell me and the wife have a combine low 6 figure income. The less than $130k kind. It is pretty much paycheck to paycheck, and that is the reality of the world we live in. Even someone making a modest $50K, unless you already owned a home rent is out of control, housing prices are wild (I bought last year and it was crazy), food and gas is nuts, the only decent thing people are getting are cheap crappy TV's to drown out their nearly slave existence. If I'm scared to go to the doctor, in fear of what something simple is going to cost me. I'm sure they simply do not go.

Also lets be real, supermarket cashiers have been ran out of this world. You are the supermarket cashier now.

The problem starts at the top. So we shouldn't point fingers at the bottom blaming them.

Apple made 25 billion of net profit last quarter. A Billion is a crazy amount of money, especially compared to a single million. They don't invest any of the money back into country. At least companies like ATT spend some of the money in infrastructure improvements.

I work 50hr's a week, sometimes more. Anyone that knows the life of a Controls Engineer (Think Allen Bradley) knows it can be stressful at times. I understand people need middle class jobs, they are there. But not in the numbers needed. Sure the Trades are understaffed, but you can only have so many managers, etc.

The Tech industry as a whole is partly to blame as well. It is a bubble and it will pop. Money is being invested in the wrong things. America has a problem, and brainwashing is one of them.
American and European people are going bankrupt and this was planned. "Great reset, you'll own nothing and will be happy"

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