Apple to launch iPhone HD and OS 4.0 on June 22?

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Mar 30, 2010
  1. Rumors are cropping up all over the Web that Apple plans to launch a new iPhone along with iPhone OS 4.0 this summer. The Wall Street Journal and others report that the company's next-gen handset will be named "iPhone HD" and will bring a new A4-family SoC, a 960x640 display (the current resolution is 480x320), a front-mounted camera (for video conferencing), and multitasking courtesy of iPhone OS 4.0.

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  2. slh28

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    This has been hinted at for some time - Apple always release new hardware in June/July.

    I don't understand how Apple, and many other companies for that matter, get away with calling a 960x640 resolution "HD". In my opinion, only screens capable of 1080p should be labelled HD, it's just being used as a marketing term now. Still, the screen should be very crisp and make browsing the internet easier.

    Btw I can't believe you guys in the US are still stuck with AT&T, in the UK there are now 4 network which carry the iPhone, and ever since O2 lost its exclusivity the speeds on O2 are much better. This exclusivity thing is BS and cannot be allowed in the future.
  3. everything is right except the display, it will be 800 x 450.
    Check this :
  4. 9Nails

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    iPhone landing on other networks means that Google really needs to get their Android armies marching to the same version. It sucks having 1.5 - 2.1 versions, and some application developers not supporting the older versions. Also Android could use a better music player, etc.

    If the link above this is the real iPhopne HD - it looks good. (Not my first impression.) But it looks and sounds like it would be a good phone to own. Apple slowly and steadily improves, I expect this next version to, first need typical updates to make Apple's changes reliable, but then be a huge hit!
  5. Burty117

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    I have the same issue when mobile phones coming out and the screens are so vivid they're "HD".
    then my stupid friend comes round "yes! i have HD on my phone!"

    No you don't! your phone is capable of taking HD pictures and thats it! it doesn't record video in HD and it certainly cannot view HD video/images on the screen!
  6. Please don't be brainwashed by big box media hype 1080p HD B.S. ... HD is all about better definition, and keeping that in mind, the size of the device is crucial. I would argue that my Iphone 3g looks almost as good as my 1080i 50" plasma. 850 x 450 on a 3" screen, is alot of pixels!
  7. 850x450 pixels is a lot less than 1920x1080 pixels. Basic math.

    It's about the pixel SIZE though. Your 50 inch plasma has the same amount of pixels as you can get in a 22 inch LCD monitor nowadays.
  8. Me again, and I need to clarify...

    Pixels per square inch/cm, I believe, is the factor you are referring to. The higher this count is, the better the picture quality appears.
  9. Trillionsin

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    ARg, I hate Apple. In my opinion they could have done this a loooong time ago, and they would have been way ahead.

    I did the jailbreak thing to my iPhone 3G because i was about to get away from Apple. I have to say that it handles multitasking now, and decently well enough to keep me happy untill this device falls apart and is way out of date.
  10. ruzveh

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    I have few suggestions and improvements for Apple for making their iphone truly awesome

    1. Improve battery power - atleast 1500mah is required and comon u guys can innovate it to 2800mah battery power

    2. Camera - ofcourse with better battery we can use 5mp with xenon flash used by digicams (Why do u think digicams hav an egde here?)

    3. Processor latest trend of 1Ghz cpu power

    4. Tegra 2 chip which can handle all the latest power & graphics for superior gaming exp & multimedia enjoyment.

    5. Proper GPS chip :p

    6. AMOLED Display - please we want much better display (i m not fan of 3D)

    7. X-Fi quality audio (ur present audio spectrum really sucks)

    Finally to conclude - Why wud apple listen to me and billions of ppl like me? Aint we fool? Yes we r, because co will do what they feel is right. After having all these features i wont hesitate to own the Apple iPhone real HD even if i had to pay $500 ;)
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