Rumors are cropping up all over the Web that Apple plans to launch a new iPhone along with iPhone OS 4.0 this summer. The Wall Street Journal and others report that the company's next-gen handset will be named "iPhone HD" and will bring a new A4-family SoC, a 960x640 display (the current resolution is 480x320), a front-mounted camera (for video conferencing), and multitasking courtesy of iPhone OS 4.0.

Word also has it that Apple is developing two versions of the phone: one for GSM networks used by AT&T and others, while another is for CDMA, used by Verizon and Sprint, namely. Most believe the iPhone will be available through Verizon by this holiday season, and although still unofficial, it certainly feels "right" after having been exclusive to AT&T for three years.

Apple is expected to host an unveiling on Tuesday, June 22, so mark your calendars.