Are these the first photos of a quad-slot, 800W Nvidia Titan RTX Ada?


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My guess is Nvidia is waiting for the slow down of the 4090 sales to release this to take advantage of all it's opportunities.


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which is really an 80 series card based on chip size
That’s not necessarily true, the top chip hasn’t been used in an XX80 non-Ti card since the 680 with two exceptions, the 780 and the 3080. The 680, 980, 1080, 2080 and now the 4080 all use downsized dies with 256-bit memory bus.
I think it is also worth taking into considerations that user requirements are different. It's all good and dandy that my rig is capable of 97 FPS...but if my screen is 60Hz, it doesn't matter all that much, does it. I do enjoy these