ASMS file is missing

Hello friends this is my first thread. I was having windows 7 professional and laptop was working good but I have hp pavalion dv4000 that comes with preinstalled windows xp and there is no driver for windows 7 so I think I could create iso from windows xp setup files via WBICreator so I think I can create a bootable usb and I make one from rufus and everything was working great installation started successfully I was feeling awesome but I format the drive two times but at certain point I remember that I have to ignore the massage "press key to boot from USB..." and then I avoid it but in gui installation mode it is saying that asms file is needed ..BAAM!! I am frustrated I have no cd of any os and I think opticle drive is not booting from cd how to solve it does trying another iso solve it ?

please help
sorry for bad English


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According to MS support ---
"This issue may occur if the Setup program cannot communicate with the CD-ROM drive."
This might be because a USB is not a CD. A different method of reading is required to process a USB, and the SETUP.EXE program does not support that. describes an alternative way to prepare an XP install by copying the install CD to a folder on the HDD. It needs an even earlier OS - Win98. You probably have no solution to this. Anyway, I thought you were saying you wanted to install Win 7
Look frnd I have search so much that windows can be installed via usb for help please search on ms they will have a article about how to install windows xp from usb awesome right.

now if I can install windows from usb can I install it from sd card reader ?

thank you for response
Buddy you should improve your knowledge !!!!!!!
because I found that the iso was bad so new iso and new xp.

shame on you and your bad knowledge I appreciate your answer but your answer is frustrating not positive .


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I object to your complaint about my knowledge. Reread my post - the first thing it says is "This issue may occur if the Setup program cannot communicate with the CD-ROM drive." which describes your problem pretty well - the ISO cannot be fully read.