Aspire One will not stay on after replacing its screen

By andyconnelly
Dec 17, 2011
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  1. Hi All,

    as per title I'm a tad stuck... I have searched all over on this site as well as Google in general but cant find much info.

    I recently replaced the screen on my girlfriends acer aspire one D255E after she stood on the screen (it was open so the motherboard and other internals weren't trodden on). Up until I replaced the screen the laptop powered on fine, you could see it boot up just couldn't make much out as the screen was cracked.

    Now when I press the power button, it turns on for around 5-10 seconds then turns off (with battery in OR out with adapter in so I know its not the battery). I made a little vid in case that helps at all but I cant post the link in here yet so could PM it but ive been as specific as possible...

    The power button lights up but nothing happens with the screen and then it just turns back off. You cant really hear it in the vid but the fan does come on also. I saw a guy post to take out the battery and adapter and hold the power button for 30 secs to purge any residual power but that didn't do anything.

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, thanks for any replies in advance :)
  2. PandoraProxy

    PandoraProxy TS Rookie

    This can actually be caused by improper connections. And it is very likely that happened while replacing the screen.

    I am assuming you were very careful and purchased a compatible screen replacement that did not exceed the power capabilities of this laptop, so we should go right into troubleshooting.

    Here is what you do:

    First open her back up and check all cable connections again. Check connection between the video cable, LCD screen and inverter board. Reconnect cables just in case.

    Next take a closer look at the connection between the video cable and LCD screen. It’s possible you accidentally pulled the video cable from the connector during the screen installation. The video cable has to be seated properly, all the way down.

    In case that still doesn't solve it, disconnect the new screen from the inverter board and plug in the old screen instead. If the backlight inside the old screen lights up, apparently the new screen has defective backlight lamp or connectors and has to be replaced. And if the old one is now giving you the same problem, then we know the laptop itself needs to be fixed.

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