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Jul 5, 2002
  1. Look it's me again, the 10-post 4-month dissapearing wonder :D

    A friend of mine shipped me a motherboard and CPU to replace my current server (which is at a supremely fast speed of 233mhz with 128mb of 60ns EDO ram, pa-2005 mobo). He didn't have a manual or any info on it, and since I plan to tweak and overclock I really need a manual/jumper settings map.

    I've looked all over and I've found many references any even benchmarks, and some guy in denmark offering to sell the manual for $16 (haha yeah right).

    Anyone know where a comprehensive manual database is, or can help me find the manual to this one? I don't know the exact type, the BIOS reading is:

    xx/xx/xxxx 577+ ITE8661

    BIOS date is 07/15/1998, AWARD BIOS.

    The board supports both AT and ATX power supplies, has 3 SDRAM 168pin slots, 3 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots, 1 AGP slot, onboard sound card, 2 USB ports, an AT keyboard port, PS/2 mouse port, PS/2 infrared port, socket 7.

    It has an AMD k6-2/333mhz in it that is currently running at 300mhz, and 320mb RAM.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    ~ Soul
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    According to this page (, that board is using an a Via MVP3 chipset. With that much info, it's gonna be hard to find the brand though.

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  4. Justin

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    I already knew the type/chipset(found out a few minutes after I posted), turns out its a pcchips m577, just like I thought, and just like I thought, they no longer have any documentation on it and a google hit to an old page of theirs with an FTP link to download the manual results only in timeouts.

    I need a *manual*.

    Or at least a jumper reference.
  5. uncleel

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  6. Justin

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    "with an FTP link to download the manual results only in timeouts"

    I was referring to that link you just gave me. The FTP simply times out, I cannot download that.

    And I know what adobe is and that it reads pdf files.
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