Asus 8600 GT major problems, but brand new

By septerrac · 5 replies
Mar 4, 2008
  1. i bought an 8600 gt, i pulled out my old grapich card, uninstalled all drivers and related programs, and turned off pc, plugged in the 8600 gt and boot the system.

    everything seemed fine so far, until a bios bleep and a reboot.. so i right away think. not enough power since i didnt got a bsod, its an 400 watt power supply, so i plugged out audio pci card, plugged out some fans, plugged out all unneeded usb devices and i boot..

    again all seems fine, no reboot, so i install the drivers from cd, and i start up a game ( oblivion in this case ) her where the problem start, my whole screen is layed out in a raster filled with green squares, like a chess board.

    i begin thinking, maybe i installed something wrong, or forgot something of my old grapic card, so again i retake the uninstal steps, and reboot, this time windows doesnt boot, no bsod no error, just black screen and nothing.

    so i do the worse step, format c: start over from scratch so i finish installing everything, but still my overall performance is messy ( websites not always responding, programs not always responding ) and the green squares are still visable if i run dxdiag direct 3d and draw tests. not in windows.

    ive got no memory dumps, no event logs.

    running on a
    asus m2a vm mobo
    amd athlon 64 x2 4800+
    asus 8600 GT
    kingston 2x 1gb ddr2 667
  2. hushbrown

    hushbrown TS Rookie

    hi there,
    seems like youve tried everything from uninstalling all previous drivers to reformatting windows and yet there's still problems. Although your power supply is a bit weak. Your running a dual core AMD and a geforce 8600..both of them combined is probably around 250-300 watts of power already and thats NOT including your hard drives and cd drives. you may want to try out a stronger power supply..maybe a 550 watt? gives you a bit of head room for your other stuff like fans etc.. Install all the latest drivers from the Nvidia website and if your still experiencing artifacts like chess like screens and stuff like that, then consider your graphics card to be faulty. try and plug in another video card on the same slot? if it works fine then its your card.
  3. septerrac

    septerrac TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    after reading the post i whas pretty sure it had to be the GPU so i returned it to the shop and they tested it there and brought me the good news... the GPU is dead, and now ive got a new one thats working without any problem :D
  4. hushbrown

    hushbrown TS Rookie

    thats good to hear! no more headaches of trying to figure out the problem! but i really think you should consider getting a stronger power supply.
  5. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    Unless the amps on his 12v rail is ridiculously low (which I doubt) his PSU is fine as far as providing sufficient power to his hardware.

    There is no way that his PC requires a 550w PSU.

    By the way, good news Septerrac :).
  6. Leguru

    Leguru TS Rookie


    Hi people, i hope this REALLY can help someone, as i've had this same problem for a few days now, and at this moment it seems to be fixed. I looked for answers everywhere, and while some people had some tips on what to do, no one really knew how to fix this. In fact, everone got their card replaced, because it seemed to be an irreversible problem. It's not software related (drivers, Windows, etc.)

    I bought my 8600 GT about 9 months ago, and it worked perfectly until 2 days ago, when the green squares appeared on every D3D software i used (Crysis, Hellgate London and World of Warcraft where some of them). The thing is... about 6 days ago, i overclocked my CPU and the GPU (video card) as well.

    Everything went fine with the CPU (pushed it from 2.2ghz to about 2.5ghz), and the overclocking is still running ok, but i think at some point, the GPU overclocking messed up the card. So i returned it to default yesterday, but i still had the squares on the screen.

    Anyway, it doesn't have to do with the OC itself, but with overheating. I ran lots of benchmarks, and the temperature on the GPU was too high on full stress (it reached almost 90°c). My pc is running all the time, everyday, and at least in my case, that's what it seems to cause the issue here, so i tried something very simple. I just turned off my pc for a whole day, to let the card rest, and (for now) the checkers are gone. I'm pretty sure that in the future, if i stress the GPU too much, it'll happen again so i'll have to be careful, but this is proof enough that the stress on the video card is at least one of the reasons why those green squares appear.

    I'm just posting this reply because i seem to be the only one who got it fixed, while everybody else had to have their card replaced, or even bought a new one. I'm not sure if this will work for everyone who has this problem, but i hope it does. If you have any questions about my specs of the results of the benchmarks, or any doubts at all, i'll be checking this post from time to time, and i'll be happy to answer.
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