Asus A7V8X-X LAN Messed up

By IdontWantoBhere
Aug 22, 2003
  1. I have a A7V8X-x in a new machine I built. I play an online game (M)HAA) and I always connect to the same server. My ping is running 300-500. I have cable modem and 2 seperate IP's.
    My ping is the same on either IP and my old machine is running 15-45 ping to the same server. When I installes windows 2000 Professional, I Installed the LAN driver off the ASUS CD,
    and Installed the game. My Ping was 125 -250 so I installed the 4 in 1 Driver option off the Cd thinking this would help and my ping went up to 500!!!!! I then checked VIA's site and downloaded a driver listed from them for the chipset and had no connection at all. Arrrggghhh. So I reinstalled the driver from the CD,
    and again my ping was 300-500. I then installed a PCI 10/100 card and proper driver and have the same problem. I dont have eail configured but I ran a a virus scan and it was clean. This is clearly a problem with the MB or driver, not a virus or IPS problem.
    The MB BIOS is 1003 but I am not sure if I should up date it or not. I have spent hours searching for anything on this problem and I have not found anything. I could really use Some HELP!!!!! I am a complete NOOB at this! so dont LAUGH. :) By the time you resond assume I updated the Bios and that did not work, casue I think I am doing that tomorrow.
    Machine Specs

    Win 200o Professional
    asus A7V8X-X
    AMD 2500 Barton
    512 Kingston 2700
    Readon 9200 se 128 Vid card
    IBM 80gig
    Lite-On Cdrom
  2. Snowlock

    Snowlock TS Rookie

    What type of setup is the computer network? Do you have the computer jacked directly into the cable modem or are you on a local network (through a hub / other computer / etc)?
  3. IdontWantoBhere

    IdontWantoBhere TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have 3 machines ruiinig thru a netgear hub. Just before I read your reply I was in game with 230 ping on machine A ( the new one) and then I went in the same server with machine B ( the old one) and had 30 ping, I then switched ports to bring the 30 ping to the new machine and had 230 again. ???? odd. You would think I would have the 30 ping. Ahh but i just checked and the IP has not changed. So it must me an issue with my ISP right? BTW I checked performance and the system is 99 percent idle with nothing running so it not other programs. and I dont think it is a hub problem, HELPPPPPP!
  4. gsgleason

    gsgleason TS Rookie Posts: 28

    from each machine, start>run>command (or maybe cmd)

    tracert <server IP>

    then ping each of the routers on your way to that server, and see what the latency is for each. That should tell you where your problem is, hopefully.
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