Asus aims to outsell Toshiba and Lenovo in laptop sector

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Asus has set its sights high, aiming to outship competing companies Toshiba and Lenovo in the notebook segment to become the fifth largest vendor worldwide, according to Shien-yueh Hsu, general manager of Asus' notebook division. The Taiwanese PC maker hopes to ship 20 million laptops in 2010, 12 million of which will be standard notebooks with the remaining eight million being netbooks.

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Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run, and I think they have relatively better build quality than many other big players.


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Archean, I have to agree with you 100%. ASUS is far better than anything else in the consumer PC market right now. Lets just hope they don't take a dump like HP and Dell did.


They haven't got a hope in hell, as they aren't represented in each state. My customers who own Asus won't be buying again as they have to get them shipped to Melbourne to get fixed, and that takes ages.


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Yup, but thats because you live in a place which is upside down :D

But on more serious note, yes, their customer service needs to improve drastically, its one thing to have ambition, its another to actually put in the resources and effort needed to achieve it.


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I've always been happy with my ASUS desktop components, and their laptops seem to have decent specs for the money. It would be nice to have someone compete with Dell and HP on performance as well as price!!


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I'm all for a new player in the market. I've got an Asus netbook which is sweet. I would hope the bigger companies setup their customer service just to show they are paying attention.
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