Acer is quickly striding toward its goal of becoming the number one PC vendor worldwide, aiming to ship more than 30 million notebooks this year, and over 40 million next year. Acer's strongest competitor at this point is HP, which currently holds the top position for units shipped, and is also forecasted to move 40 million or more notebooks in 2010. Both companies are expected to further trounce Dell in shipments.

Acer's performance for the fourth-quarter of 2009 is somewhat uncertain. The company originally planned for shipments to grow 10% sequentially, but component shortages may affect that. Despite its efforts to prepare for shortages, Acer says supplies of optical drives, panels, hard disk drives, and graphics chips are running thin. Even if Acer lands a bit behind target in the last quarter, the first three quarters were better-than-expected, so the company will meet shipment goals for the year.

In only two years, Acer has doubled its annual notebook sales from 15.4 million in 2007, which is mostly attributed to its success in the netbook segment.