ASUS P4P800E-Deluxe

By dumpy55
Nov 13, 2004
  1. well I'm sitting here trying to setup my new ASUS motherboard. At first it would not recognize anything in on the secondary IDE. I changed the IDE configuration to Enhanced mode and told it to accept P-ata and s-ata. Now it recognizes everything but instead of saying that my hardrive is on the primary IDE channel as master and that my cdrom and dvd (two separate divices) are the master and slave on the secondary IDE it pushed the Hardrive to the third IDE channel and the cd and the dvd to the fourth IDE channel. Anyone got any idea of how this might have happened?

    DUMPY55 :suspiciou

    ASUS P4p800 E-Deluxe
    INTEL 2.4C
    Transcend ddr400 512 x 2
    Maxtor 80 Gig
    Liteon CDRW/DVD Combo
    Liteon DVDRW 16x
    ANTEC Server Case
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