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Mar 19, 2008
  1. This post is to help out a few people who are having troubles with this motherboard in regards to bsod's and system instability. After many hours of tweaking and troubleshooting I believe I have found the right solution for "me". Hopefully my findings help anyone else who are having trouble.

    First of all Don't update your bios to the 1403 revision. Asus forgot to mention in its description that it is a beta. In my opinion it has caused more problems than it has solved. Install it at your own risk! If u do install it DO NOT use the Asus update, Use the EZ-Flash method. I was one of the unlucky people that installed this bios revision so my settings are based on that.

    Secondly If you're having abnormal readings in asus probe this may help you also. E.g. Voltage warnings due to random fluctuations. Example 1.2VHT fluctuating to 0.00v or 3.00v. Allot of people suggested to turn off Linkboost which is suppose to correct the error. However new bios revisions took away this option and the problem remained.

    Finally getting 4 x 1gig memory sticks working together with no hiccups.

    Bios setup:

    Memory Timings: (I'm using Corsair 4x 1024MB XMS2-6400C4)
    tCL (CAS Latency) - 4
    tRCD - 4
    tRP - 4
    tRAS - 12
    Command Per Clock - 2t
    tRC - 24
    (all other settings are set to auto)

    Bios Options/Settings:

    Spread Spectrum: All Disabled
    "CPU, PCIE, MCP PCIE, SATA, LDT." - All disabled.

    GPU EX: Disabled
    SLI ready Memory: Disabled
    Linkboost: Disabled (If you have this option, I did not)

    CPU Internal Thermal Control: Disabled
    Limit CPUID MaxVal: Disabled
    Enhanced C1 (C1E): Disabled
    Execute Disable Bit: Enabled
    Virtualization Technology: Disabled
    Enhanced Intel Speedstep Tech: Disabled
    LDT Frequency: 5x

    FSB - Memory Clock Mode: Unlinked
    x FSB - Memory Ratio: Auto
    FSB (QDR), Mhz: 1333
    Actual FSB (QDR), Mhz: 1333
    MEM (DDR), Mhz: 800
    Actual MEM (DDR), Mhz: 800

    I also had to manually set all voltages. When setting the voltages they go higher than what you set them to. E.g. 1.2VHT set to 1.2 and runs at 1.25v. So adjust accordingly to get desired readings.

    VCORE - 1.31v (need to set it around 3.2+ to get desired result.)
    Memory - 2.1v
    1.2VHT - 1.25v
    NB Core - 1.32
    SB Core - 1.52
    CPU VTT - 1.25v

    From the above settings all seems well. System stability is good and I haven't got any bsod's so far. Hopefully this helps and remember change these settings at your own risk. I'm no expert. Results may vary so work out what suits you. E.g. memory timings, voltage etc.

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  3. Jaxxxy

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    One of the asus support guys on the forum said it was a beta. Does anyone really believe what they say? I know i don't! So it may not be, but its dodgey as all hell.
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    what processor do you currently have? I currently have an e6700 on this board at 3.2ghz. I have an e84000 on the way, and I need the 1403 bios for it :( . the 1203 was the best I've found for overclocking; as long as you don't have any razor usb devices.
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    CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E6850, 3.00 GHz.... Yeah I use a razer copperhead mouse :(.
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