Asus P6T vs P6T6?

By Apexsc
Mar 30, 2009
  1. I've been looking at some reviews and searched Google for a while. But I couldn't really find any really big differences between the two boards except the P6T6 has 6 PCI-e Slots and Triple-SLI.

    What's the big difference? I know the price isn't.

    Would the P6T6 be a good board to use with only two video cards or should you stick to a 'regular' P6T? Again, what's the difference besides 1 PCI-e slot not being used on the P6T6?
    I know the P6T6 runs good with only 2 cards from reviews on
  2. Tritton

    Tritton TS Enthusiast Posts: 108

    The main differanterance is the 6 PCIe x16 slots like you said
    What exspantion cards do you planing on having
  3. LinkedKube

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    both are good overclockers for the chip, I'd say go with the lesser unless you want to run a bunch of cards.
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